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This Mad Dog General Was Plotting a Coup Against Trump

The plan was put in motion to launch this coup headed by one of America’s top soldiers.

Even Vice President Pence was almost caught up in the coup, but luckily it was discovered before it was too late.

Because this “Mad Dog” General was plotting a coup against Trump.

It seems the Deep State never gives up.  And party doesn’t matter.  They are happy to have Republicans or Democrats in power – as long as the Deep State stays in control.

And Donald Trump has turned out to be the Swamp’s worst nightmare. While the draining of a swamp is never quick and painless, it isn’t impossible.

That’s why the Deep State operatives in government keep coming up with harebrained schemes to get rid of Trump once and for all.

They tried the phony Russian collusion trick, IRS investigations, lurid unfounded rumors of his romantic indiscretions, and a daily negative media barrage like has never been seen in the history of our Republic.

And now it seems, there was even a coup effort led by former Defense Secretary James Mattis, some Trump White House staffers and even close associates of Vice President Mike Pence.

Not an actual military coup, (we hope) even the Deep State isn’t to that point yet.

But a coup nonetheless.

The plan, caught in its founding stages, was to launch a Mattis Republican primary challenge to the President according to Big League Politics and some of the organizers who put the initial team together.

“My job was to see what his pathway to the White House would look like,” Travis Snyder told Big League Politics in a series of interviews, referring to General Mattis. “There was a very small team.”

Snyder is an Indiana political consultant who is also close to Vice President Mike Pence. According to sources, it was Snyder who ran point on the beginnings of the operation, supposedly overseen by Mattis and key White House staff.

“Snyder also confirmed that the group polled Mike Pence’s chances to run against Trump, and found that Pence had no chance,” according to Big League.

“I oversaw early states polling, putting together possible running mates,” Snyder told Big League.

“I did not work with the fundraising team. I solely looked at what his path to the nomination would look like, and then his pathway to the White House,” Snyder said.

While he did indicate there were major donors behind the fledgling effort, Snyder either didn’t know, or wouldn’t sat who they were.

He also refused to name the main organizer behind the effort but did name some of the potential running mates to a Mattis run.

They included Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and Congressman and war hero Dan Crenshaw, as well as former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels.  It is unclear whether any of these potential candidates on an anti-Trump ticket were approached about the effort.

However what is known is that General Mattis was aware of the effort, knew the team, and knew who brought the team together.

According to Snyder there are current White House staffers who were involved in the effort.

Ironically, it was when Snyder tried to put together a group of consultants for the effort that the whole thing unraveled.

Snyder approached Alex Rountree, a conservative political consultant who had no interest in an anti-Trump effort, but agreed to talk to Snyder.

Snyder had Rountree sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which has since expired.

Rountree told Big League he never had any intention of joining the coup, he just wanted to get enough information to establish the plot and expose it.

With this Mattis attempt falling short, Trump for now only faces marginal opposition from political charlatan and pseudo-libertarian/Republican/Democrat/liberal Bill Weld.

We will keep you updated on this effort.

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