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This Latest Sex Scandal Could Spell the End for Creepy “Uncle” Joe Biden

Another scandal has hit Joe Biden just as he takes a commanding lead in the presidential race.

This time, it may just be too much for him to handle.

And this latest sex scandal could spell the end for creepy “Uncle” Joe Biden.

It turns out the Biden family has more dirty laundry and family skeletons than originally thought.

From dirty Ukrainian business dealings and illegal use of the vice president’s office, to Chinese money laundering and the plagiarism that has haunted him for years.

And, of course there is Biden’s inability to keep his hands off of women and little girls.

But, wait, there’s more.  Much of which was examined by Maureen Dowd in her New York Times column and it may just be enough to end his life-long goal of becoming president.

Biden has long had the reputation of “just a blue-collar Irish guy” who can mix it with the best of them.  He is said to be the Democrat most feared by Republican consultants, and even Donald Trump.

Supposedly Biden can make inroads into the blue-collar Reagan Democrat constituency that put Trump over the top.

Of course most pundits ignore the fact that to win these voters you actually have to share their values.  They are largely pro-gun, pro-life and proud patriots.

Biden is none of these things and shares none of those beliefs.

Rather than being scared of a Biden run, Trump must be downright giddy over the chance to take on Biden next November.

Because in addition to all the above scandals and political shortfalls, there is a new Biden family sex scandal that has come to light.

And this scandal may just be the straw that breaks Joe the Camel’s back.

It’s a seedy story of Biden family betrayals and backstabbing, of affairs and family discord, and it once again features Joe Biden front and center.

Maureen Dowd’s well-researched article contained some information that has been common knowledge in both the tabloids and in Biden insider circles for some time.

It involves an unlikely love story starring Joe Biden’s son Hunter as well as Hallie, the widow of his other son Beau, who died tragically of brain cancer in 2015. It seems Hunter and Hallie have become a couple with the full blessing of Joe and his wife Jill.

Just one minor problem: Hunter’s wife Kathleen Biden isn’t fully on board with this arrangement.

It turns out she is seeking a divorce in which she alleges extramarital affairs (in addition to this one), wild spending sprees by Hunter on strip clubs, illegal drugs, and lavish gifts for other women.

The actual filing states that Hunter spent money on “drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations.”

So, in addition to having an affair with his brother’s widow, fully supported by presidential candidate and papa Joe, son Hunter is making a shamble of his marriage and of the Biden family.

It was Hunter who was involved with the Ukrainian company that Biden used the office of Vice President to make demands on, and it is Hunter who threatens to derail the Biden presidential train just as it gathers steam.

One has to wonder how many more Hunter-based scandals are still out there, and if Joe can survive them all.



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