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Donald Trump Gleeful as Comey Fears Life Behind Bars

New evidence points to James Comey as the real culprit behind the Russia computer hack.

The DNC hack job was supposedly done by the Russians in an attempt to influence the 2016 elections.

But now, Donald Trump is gleeful as Comey is in fear of life behind bars.

New evidence is coming out that shows disgraced former FBI Director James Comey had supposedly stolen emails three months before the Russians supposedly stole them.

This information means the entire alleged Russian hack job was actually an inside job carried out by Obama’s FBI under Comey in an attempt to frame the Trump campaign prior to the November 2016 elections.

If true, this means Comey and his stooges at the FBI tried to frame both Trump and the Russians simultaneously, with the hopes of it leading to a Hillary Clinton victory.

The DNC has claimed all along that their server was hacked on June 6th, 2016. This has been disputed by Trump campaign staffer Michael Caputo who has said he was offered the emails on May 6th of that year –a full month prior to the alleged theft.

And now we find out Comey may have had those very “stolen” emails even earlier, a full three months prior to the “theft.”

Of course, Comey’s partner in crime, Robert Mueller, is doing his best to cover up exactly when the emails were actually stolen.

Even more telling, Mueller refuses to discuss how he determined it was the Russians who stole them.

This new information is all coming out of the trial of former Trump confidant Roger Stone, who has asked for proof that the Russians actually stole the emails.

This request is part of Stone’s defense.  Because simply put, if the Russians didn’t steal the emails then none of the charges against Stone will stand up in court.

And there is further documentation of this theory. WikiLeaks has claimed all along that the emails they obtained did not, in fact, come from Russia.

If that is true, then all of the cases resulting from the Mueller investigation could be thrown out and it would be Mueller and Comey who could be charged with obstruction.

One problem with Mueller and his team is that neither they nor the FBI have ever actually examined the server and its contents.

Another issue is that Mueller, Comey and other Obama Deep State officials claim it is “so obvious” that the Russian government stole the emails, and yet they refuse to turn over any evidence of that fact.

Instead they have objected to Stone’s request asking the court to relieve them of that obligation, saying they should “not be required to prove” that “so obvious” fact.

It’s important to remember that other than the now fully discredited Steele dossier, the only other “proof” of Trump-Russia collusion is the premise that Russia hacked the DNC.

If that is not true, then the only thing left to figure out is who in the Obama administration ran the operation and how high up did it go.

We will keep you updated as this story breaks.


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