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Rand Paul Said Three Words That Left Justin Amash Fuming

Congressman Justin Amash became the lone Republican in Congress to call for President Trump’s impeachment.

This position has put Amash in hot water with donors, supporters and congressional allies.

And now, Rand Paul has said the three words that left Amash fuming.

Shortly after Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) made his claim that President Trump was guilty of “impeachable conduct” based on the contents of the now laughable Mueller report, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) tried to set Amash straight.

Paul blasted the Mueller report as the “antithesis of libertarianism.”

“I actually think the libertarian position on the investigation is ― you know, libertarians, we’ve been very, very critical of the intelligence community having too much power, including congressman Amash has said, you know, really you should have to get a warrant before you get an American’s records,” Paul said in an interview with HuffPost.

Of course, Senator Paul and his father, former Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, have devoted their entire lives to pushing back against what is known popularly today as the “deep state.”

The Deep State is nothing new, but is in fact an unelected permanent bureaucracy that exerts amazing amounts of power by hiding deep in the shadows of the alphabet soup of government agencies.

Many of these deep state operatives have been in government for decades and serve both Republicans and Democrats equally.

Their number one goal is to maintain the continuity of the status quo regardless of the will of the people.

And this includes continuing the rampant growth of the federal government, its agencies and its bureaucracy.

The Mueller report, issued by long-time FBI spook and James Comey ally Robert Mueller, and the entire investigation leading up to the report have set a new precedent for unelected federal bureaucrats to overturn lawful elections if they find the outcome unpalatable.

According to Senator Paul, this is not a good outcome for liberty.

One would think Congressman Amash would agree, since he has, in the past, railed against overreaching DOJ and FBI power and the very existence of FISA courts and the unconstitutional warrants that come out of these secretive courts.

“… an abuse of intelligence power consistent with what libertarians have been complaining about for a long time,” Paul said.

But despite the problems Paul and other libertarian and conservative leaders have pointed out about the report, Amash still continues to support impeachment efforts and act as if the investigation and report are inviolate.

Amash continues to lobby fellow Republican Congressmen to fully study the Mueller report so they will see what he sees in the report, and to build hostility against the President.

Despite the clear constitutional overreach that went into Mueller’s investigation, Amash claims that he’s just standing for the Constitution by joining Democrats and never Trumpers like Amash’s new ally neocon Bill Kristol.

He has joined a cabal of socialists, neocons and never-were Republicans in trying to use FISA Courts and the power of the DOJ, CIA and FBI to overturn an election.

These were all things Amash used to be against.  Some observers have claimed it is the support and money from Hamas-backed groups that have made the once principled Amash turn his back on his own principles.

Amash is already facing two primary challengers next year, and Paul and other libertarian leaders are distancing themselves from Amash, a former tea party favorite, and leading libertarian voice in Congress, who has now become one of the most reviled figures in Congress.

Should Justin Amash do the honorable thing and either resign or change parties?

Let us know in the comments below.






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