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Trump Says This Government Database Will Terrify You

The FBI claims to be only interested in protecting citizens from criminals.

But their overreach and police state tactics against political opponents of the Deep State are commonplace.

And Donald Trump says this government database will terrify you.

As most Americans are now realizing, the weaponizing of the federal government against conservatives is all too real.

From the IRS to the FBI, and from the EPA to the DOJ, the Deep State-controlled alphabet of federal agencies has launched all-out war on conservatives, small business owners and Christians.

Until the Obama Administration, the FBI was still seen as above all of this. But the politicization of the FBI under Obama has taken it to new levels of criminal activity.

From the investigation and jailing of innocent citizens merely for their conservative and libertarian politics, to the shutting down of conservative groups for made-up “violations”, to the entire Russia-gate hoax, the DOJ has now become an arm of the Democrat party.

And now, an FBI photo database has been exposed for using facial recognition technology, essentially allowing for a police state.

Because it turns out the depth of the database is far larger than anyone predicted and is being used daily by federal law enforcement officials.

And, this database includes photos from hundreds of millions of citizens who are not criminals, have done nothing wrong, and aren’t even under investigation.

As reported by WTOP recently:

“A government watchdog says the FBI has access to about 640 million photographs — including from driver’s licenses, passports and mugshots — that can be searched using facial recognition technology.

The figure reflects how the technology is becoming an increasingly powerful law enforcement tool, but is also stirring fears about the potential for authorities to intrude on the lives of Americans. It was reported by the Government Accountability Office at a congressional hearing in which both Democrats and Republicans raised questions about the use of the technology.

The FBI maintains a database known as the Interstate Photo System of mugshots that can help federal, state and local law enforcement officials. It contains about 36 million photographs, according to Gretta Goodwin of the GAO.

But taking into account the bureau contracts providing access to driver’s licenses in 21 states, and its use of photos and other databases, the FBI has access to about 640 million photographs, Goodwin told lawmakers at the House oversight committee hearing.”

The dangers of this are numerous.

First, there is no doubt that federal state and local law enforcement can use this database to go after “suspected” criminals, even before they commit any so-called crimes.

For example we already know the federal government and many state governments have determined that libertarians, evangelical Christians, homeschoolers, gun owners, and other such people are “threats”.

The FBI even lists members of organizations as potential threats. Organizations such as The Libertarian Party, Southern Baptist Convention, Campaign for Liberty, National Association for Gun Rights and others are on government “watch” lists.

Also, we already know of at least one major breach into one of the facial recognition databases, and only know of it because the thief proudly reported his actions to the media.

We have no idea how many other breaches there have been.

Finally, the FBI has now made it clear they will politicize and go after anyone they want, including President Trump. And they will do so merely on the basis of not liking him.

So will this facial recognition technology be politicized as well?

Who is to say it already hasn’t?

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