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Nancy Pelosi Just Got the Bad News She Feared the Most

This news could mean the end of Pelosi’s Speakership by next year.

And it comes at the worst possible time for the beleaguered Democrat leader.

Because Nancy Pelosi just got the bad news she feared the most.

According to a recently released Fox News poll, the majority of American voters don’t believe President Trump should be impeached.

These results are despite repeated calls from Democratic lawmakers to start the impeachment process right away.

According to the poll results, 48% of American voters believe that Trump should not be impeached based on the evidence presented in the Mueller report.

Even more damning for the Democrats is the fact that a majority, 56% of voters polled, said it is “not at all” likely Trump will be impeached.

Another issue that voters have with Pelosi’s party is the amount of time the Democrats have spent investigating the White House and Trump administration. Of those polled, 48% said that Congress should spend less time on trying to find something to pin on Trump.

These poll results put Pelosi and the Democrat presidential candidates in a real bind. Pelosi is especially feeling the heat with recent calls within the party to replace her as House Speaker.

The problem is, the Democrat-controlled House has been unable to accomplish anything at all this year. Every bill they’ve passed dies a quick and quiet death in the Senate.

That’s because Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts seem to want to pass only the most socialist and radical legislation they can, knowing it will never go anywhere.

So the Democrats feel the only thing they can do is continue to go after Trump, hoping that the American people will rally to their cause.

Some Democrats have been very outspoken on impeachment with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Adam Schiff (D-CA) and others demanding Pelosi move on starting an impeachment inquiry.

Feeling the pressure from both sides of her House caucus, Pelosi has sent mixed signals on what she will do as far as impeachment goes.

At first she was fairly adamant that she would not be calling for impeachment but recently changed her tune saying; “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.”

Pelosi also recently stated that President Trump is “crying out for impeachment.”

That is some good red meat for the most liberal radicals in her party, but flies in the face of what she knows is politically smart.

With the majority of voters clearly stating they want the Democrats to move on to actually accomplish something other than hating Trump, Pelosi is in a no-win situation.

A situation that could cost her the Speaker’s gavel if she’s not careful.

If she pushes too hard for impeachment and further alienates the American people, the Democrats could very easily lose control of the House next year.

However, if she refuses to push for impeachment, she is in danger of alienating her base, i.e. socialist radicals in Congress. If this happens, she could very well face a coup from within her party and lose control.

We will keep you updated on this important issue.

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