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Kamala Harris Is Fearful this City’s Actions Mean the End of Her Campaign

The California Senator has a long list of scandals to overcome, so she’s decided to call everyone racist.

She’s happily joined by a chorus of race-baiting Democrats and their flunkies in the media.

And since Kamala Harris is afraid she has very little to offer, she’s turned to fearmongering about racism.

The Democrat/socialist/media/Deep State playbook hasn’t changed in decades.

It can be summed up like this. When Democrats…..

Don’t know what to say — say racism.

Make a mistake — point out racism.

Family owned slaves – reparations for racism.

Aren’t bright enough to chew gum and walk – racist smear.

Win the election – we beat the racists.

Lose the election – only because of racists.

If you listen to them enough, you’d think racists were everywhere.

Now, to be clear, when the left talks about racism they’re only referring to white supremacy.

According to the left, there are no racists of any other color.

Also according to the left and the media, white supremacists have taken over the nation.

From the outhouse to the farmhouse to the White House, white supremacists are laying siege to the country and preparing to return the United States back to a slave-owning nation.

Red baseball caps are racist, as is any version of the American flag.

MAGA is a top secret KKK code phrase, the ‘ok’ sign is a white supremacist message of solidarity – and so is drinking a glass of milk, owning a dog, buying a shoe with a Betsy Ross flag on it, mowing your lawn, or eating meat.

Studying American history is a vile racist endeavor, celebrating our Founding Fathers is racist, and going to church is an especially evil, racist act.

And, if you happen to do all of that AND vote Republican, well you need to be beat up, shot at, or blown up by Antifa thugs.

Public schools are now able access a “white supremacist toolkit” with lots of advice about how to combat the rise in white nationalism.

“White nationalism” includes those who are alt-right, Nazi, Republican, conservative, Christian, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, homeschooled or homeschoolers, gun owner, American history buff, Libertarian, and anyone who believes in male and female.

I was personally shocked to learn that white supremacists even have their own national cable news network, known as Fox News, that includes an entire stable of white supremacists who use secret code words, dog whistles, and racist symbols to spur their fellow Klansmen into action.

And Democrat Presidential candidates like Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, and others play into this fear.

But it doesn’t stop with them.

The FBI has a list of “racist” organizations that would shock the American people if they knew.

In addition, do you fly a Gadsden flag, support Ron Paul, belong to a pro-Second Amendment organization, or attend an evangelical church?

If you do any – or all – of the above, you could very well be on the FBI’s list as well.

Just ask the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign staff who were hunted down by the FBI and convicted of fabricated crimes.

Ask Congressman Steve Stockman who sits in a jail cell right now.

This is the state we find ourselves in today – the Deep State.

It’s time to root out the Deep State and restore the Republic and the Constitution.





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