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Donald Trump All Smiles After Mueller’s “Nothing Burger” Testimony on RussiaGate

Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress was bizarre, unsettling, and a whole lot of nothing.

Democrats are furious they’ve invested so much into such a useless dog and pony show.

But Donald Trump was all smiles after Mueller’s “nothing burger” testimony on RussiaGate.

As many have been trying to say all along, there was no collusion between Donald Trump, his campaign, and Russia.

Although it seems it will need to be proven 5 or 6 more times to the House Democrats.

This entire charade was a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, FBI manpower, and government resources, all to come to the very same conclusion President Trump and his defenders have stated from the beginning.

But while Mueller’s Congressional testimony this week may have hammered the final nail into the coffin of the RussiaGate conspiracy against the President, that doesn’t mean it is, or should be, over.

Because the truth is, Russia absolutely did attempt to affect the outcome of our elections in 2016. 

And that fact is undisputed from both sides of the aisle.

We know there were systemic and consistent high-tech attempts to derail the integrity of our elections and the sovereignty of our republic in the name of Russia’s best interests.

However, what remains up for discussion (or shouting matches) is just who exactly did collude with Russia and who, if anyone, benefitted from Russia’s attempt to “steal” the elections.

While Mueller’s testimony reaffirmed Russia’s involvement, what it did not do was determine who actually worked with the Russians.

Of course we know it was not Trump or his campaign.

And there seems to be no interest among Democrats in following the trail that does lead right back to Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

Nor does there seem to be much interest by either party in finding and rooting out the Deep State operatives responsible for the Trump-Russia hoax. 

Every day, more and more evidence comes out that shows it was the Clinton campaign – aided by Obama’s State Department, FBI, and CIA – that started the Russia collusion conspiracy.

Make no mistake about it, Russia will be trying to interfere again in 2020 and we need to be ready. 

But unless Congress is willing to put partisan screaming matches behind them, we’ll be left vulnerable again in 2020.

A new bi-partisan Senate report details how the Russians went about their election interference, and just how inept the Obama administration was in dealing with it, despite multiple warnings.

The Senate report points directly to the Obama FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for giving inadequate warnings to state governments. 

The Senate panel also found that these warnings often went to the wrong people, or contained insufficient information, or simply blended in with previous general warnings the states had received.

“DHS and FBI alerted states to the threat of cyber attacks in the late summer and fall of 2016, but the warnings did not provide enough information or go to the right people,” the report stated. 

“Alerts were actionable, in that they provided malicious Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to information technology (IT) professionals, but they provided no clear reason for states to take this threat more seriously than any other alert received.”

In other words, while Clinton’s team was working hand-in-hand with the Russians – and while  Obama’s State Department was aiding the Clinton campaign – Obama’s FBI and DHS were failing to defend the states from the Russian cyber-attacks.

We will keep you posted on this breaking story as more information comes out.

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