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FBI Spying On Trump Worse Than Anyone Ever Imagined

The FBI was neck deep in the worst scandal in American political history.

And the shocking details continue to come to light.

Now this smoking gun just proved the FBI spying on Donald Trump was even worse than anyone thought.

FBI Admits They used Multiple Spies against Donald Trump

The James Madison Project filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI for documents pertaining to their covert operations against Donald Trump.

These requests are routine.

But the FBI’s response was anything but.

In court filings, the FBI admitted they used multiple spies against the Trump campaign.

The Department of Justice wrote:

“DOJ withheld information under Exemption 7(D) because certain investigatory information would reveal the identity or information of confidential sources. This includes nonpublic information about and provided by Christopher Steele, as well as information about and provided by other confidential sources, all of whom were provided express assurances of confidentiality.”

In particular, the FBI revealed they deployed multiple covert agents against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page and that the FBI paid these spies for their work.

The Justice Department also wrote:

“DOJ withheld eight categories of information in the Carter Page documents pursuant to Exemption 7(E): information about the investigative focus of these applications; information about collection and analysis of information; information about specific techniques used in the national security investigations; information about specific databases used for law enforcement purposes; information about payments to confidential sources; detailed information about targets, dates and scope of surveillance; information about dates and types of investigations; and investigative strategies for particular evidence.”

What this Says about the FBI

The FBI previously admitted to using a spy against the Trump campaign.

Professor Stefan Halper tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

He met with top Trump campaign official Sam Clovis after the FBI opened their investigation into Trump Russia collusion.

And he also tried to force Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos to admit he colluded with the Russians.

But Halper also met with Page weeks before the FBI officially opened the Russia probe.

That led many Trump supporters to wonder if the FBI was running an “off the books” operation against Trump’s campaign.

Now Americans learned that Halper was just the tip of the iceberg.

The FBI has an entire spy ring targeting Trump and his campaign.

In addition, it also helps debunk the Russian collusion narrative.

The FBI won a FISA warrant to spy on Page by convincing a judge that Page was a Russian agent.

They used the fake news Christopher Steele Russia dossier as their central piece of evidence.

The FBI’s own investigation proved it was a lie.

If the FBI sent multiple spies after Page and still found no evidence that could be used to bring criminal charges against him.

Many Americans believe the FBI spying on Donald Trump is the worst scandal in American political history.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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