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Something Terrible Happened To A Whistleblower That Exposed A Huge Obama Scandal

Barack Obama and his Deep State have a way of silencing critics.

It’s an ugly side of government they worked hard to conceal from the American people.

And something terrible just happened to a whistleblower who exposed a huge Deep State scandal.

Jamie Fox – who works at the San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC) as a social worker- suffered at the hands of the FBI Deep State.

Ten years ago, Fox blew the whistle on agency discrimination against a fellow employee.

After Fox testified in the case, she found out that her C-File which contained all her confidential medical information, including reports from her psychiatrist, had been illegally accessed by co-workers and supervisors.

“In learning how my former coworkers and managers have continued access to my private and protect information, I learned that the VA computer system called [the Veterans Benefit Management System] VBMS is not secure,” Fox stated.

That put her on the wrong side of the Deep State.

Fox began dealing with legal issues due to the unauthorized access of her file beginning in 2013.

In 2016, the Veteran’s Affairs Inspector General issued a report that concurred with Fox’s claims that the Obama administration did not conduct a proper investigation of her claims.

The following year, Fox began tweeting out internet memes regarding her ordeal.

In October of this year, the three FBI agents pounded on her door and demanded to speak with her.

They insisted she take down the social media posts.

Fox – who is a veteran that suffers from PTSD, suffered a panic attack and fled back into her house.

Terrified, she agreed to take down the memes after the FBI agents barked at her that she had no First Amendment rights.

After she went to work, a local police officer showed up at her home demanding to speak with her.

Her husband called Fox and she rushed home only to have the cop haul her off for a psychiatric evaluation.

Fox was held for 24 hours and lost her Second Amendment rights.

Critics blasted the FBI for a clear-cut case of retribution to silence a whistleblower that the Obama administration wanted to bury.

This wouldn’t be the first time a whistleblower got on the wrong side of the FBI for exposing Democrat wrongdoing.

Nathan Cain was an FBI contractor who turned over documents to Congress showing Hillary Clinton committed criminal acts in the Uranium One scandal and that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller covered up her wrongdoing.

FBI agents stormed into his house and confiscated copies of the documents even though the Department of Justice Inspector General agreed that Cain deserved Whistleblower status.

But the message the FBI wanted to deliver to Cain was the same as the one they sent to Fox – we know who you are and we know your pressure points.

And if you speak out, we will hurt you.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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