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A Camera Caught Robert Mueller Committing This Unthinkable Crime

Robert Mueller finally found the bottom of the barrel.

The special counsel’s office escalating warfare on the President horrified many Americans.

But now he’s in hot water after a camera caught them red-handed committing this unthinkable crime.

Americans’ consciences were shocked on Friday when Robert Mueller used the FBI like a personal Gestapo force.

29 heavily armed FBI agents – complete with assault rifles and riot gear – multiple armored vehicles, helicopters and amphibious assault forces descended on Trump associate Roger Stone’s Florida home.

In a scene out of East Germany, Mueller’s paramilitary force stormed Stone’s home and took the 66-year-old into custody.

Stone described how Mueller’s goon squad terrorized him in his own home.

Stone wrote, “On Thursday I was charged with 7 non/violent process crimes. I have no previous record. I don’t own a gun. My passport has expired. The special counsel‘s office knows I am legally represented. The judge released me essentially on my signature showing I am not a flight risk. I have been under investigation for over two years so the idea that I would wait until yesterday to destroy evidence is ridiculous and false as I have destroyed nothing. Nonetheless my home was raided by a 29 member FBI strike force In swat gear brandishing assault rifles and side arms as well as night vision googles. An FBI helicopter hovered over overhead and two 20 foot FBI boats secured the dock in my backyard which is on a canal. My home was literally surrounded. This force was approximately twice the size of the task force used to catch and kill bin Laden. My arrest was filmed by CNN who was allowed access despite the fact that the street had been closed by the FBI. Had the special counsel contacted my attorneys I would’ve been more than happy to voluntarily surrender. These are the Gestapo tactics of the police state.#Mueller

Stone also noted that his wife – who is deaf – was upstairs and Stone was panicked the situation would confuse his wife and one of Mueller’s enforcers would shoot her down like a dog.

And conveniently, a CNN camera crew was on hand to capture the secret police-style raid.

Stone – who was the subject of multiple rumors that he colluded with Russian intelligence on the release of hacked emails during the 2016 campaign – was not arrested for being a Russian spy for treasonous collusion.

Mueller indicted Stone on seven counts of process crimes.

And he deployed heavy-handed tactics against Stone in order to send a message to both Trump and Stone.

Mueller wanted Stone to feel helpless.

Stone would see he is just one man against Mueller’s prosecutorial machine which also commands an armored private army to crush him and terrorize his family if he failed to cooperate.

The special counsel’s message to President Trump was even more sinister.

By leaking the raid to CNN, Mueller gave Trump a taste of the police state power he wields.

Mueller flaunted the fact that his office, the FBI and the fake news media colluded in an all-out information warfare operation that had one purpose – deposing the duly-elected President of the United States.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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