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Democrats Got Caught Spreading Fake News About Mueller That Will Make You Sick

For months, Democrats spread one vicious lie about the President of the United States.

They thought it could be the silver bullet that finally ended Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But all that changed when one witness began to testify.

Democrats finally got their crack at acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Whitaker took over for bumbling former Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the midterm elections.

That threw the Washington swamp into a panic.

In his capacity as a legal analyst in the media, Whitaker blasted the Mueller probe as a witch hunt and an abuse of power.

While Trump supporters cheered the President tapping an official with the courage to tell the truth about the Mueller probe to run the Department of Justice, Democrats smelled an opportunity.

Their fiction writers in the fake news media immediately began floating the idea that Trump only appointed Whitaker to the post of acting Attorney General to sabotage the Mueller investigation and stop the special counsel from exposing Trump’s collusion with Russia.

In their fevered dream, President Trump and Whitaker sat around in the Oval Office and reveled in their hatred of Mueller and the rule of the law.

According to the left, the President and the Acting Attorney General forged a pact to either fire Mueller or suppress a report implicating Trump in massive criminal wrongdoing.

This – of course – was all lies and fake news.

The so-called “reporters” and elected officials peddling this garbage knew it was false.

But what mattered was driving the news cycle and the narrative.

And the Democrats and the media cannot afford one single day to go by where they don’t smear Donald Trump with the false claim that he is the most corrupt and dishonest President in American history.

Whitaker had a chance to confront these conspiracy theorists head on when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee.

Democrats came loaded for bear.

Democrats pressed him on if he ever discussed the Mueller investigation with the President.

“I have not talked to the president of the United States about the special counsel’s investigation,” Whitaker told the Committee members.

Other questioners wanted to know if Whitaker met with senior White House officials to lay the groundwork to end the Mueller probe in order to insulate the President.

“I have not talked about the special counsel’s investigation with senior White House officials,” Whitaker told the committee.

Finally, Democrats wanted to know if Whitaker discussed the investigation with a third party.

Democrats know Trump talks constantly with outside advisors and they promoted a conspiracy theory that maybe Mueller and the President used intermediaries to communicate their plans to kneecap the special counsel’s Russian investigation.

Whitaker dismissed this nonsense out of hand.

“I do not believe that I have briefed third party individuals outside of the Department of Justice. I have received briefings myself, and I am usually the end point of that information,” the acting Attorney General declared.

The media – and many Democrats – promoted the Whitaker testimony with great fanfare.

It was supposed to be another “ah ha!” moment in the Russia probe.

But as usual, it turned into a yawner where Democrats revealed themselves to be tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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