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Is Facebook Bribing Snopes To Make Up Facts?

New evidence shows Facebook is making up facts to fit a liberal agenda, and Snopes is profiting handsomely doing it…all while the company’s co-founder is accused of using the money to pay for prostitutes.

Snopes is in bed with Facebook’s anti-conservative agenda.  Its job is to get conservative voices kicked off the site.

This is troubling because more and more Americans are using the social media platform to get information instead of relying on the mainstream media.

Facebook has been supposedly trying to “fight fake news” but instead of worrying about CNN’s anti-Trump stories, the social media giant has used sites like Snopes to give them cover to perpetuate the liberal media spin.

The liberal mainstream media has been very upset since their information monopoly ended because of alternative news sites and bloggers, and they blamed them for Hillary’s loss in 2016.

Snopes is paid by Facebook to push “propaganda,” according to the former managing editor of the “fact-checker,” who claims the social media giant “doesn’t care” about facts and is using journalists to promote an agenda so it can “pass the buck.”

According to a bombshell report by the Guardian, several current and former Facebook fact-checkers have

Facebook has fact-checking partnerships with Snopes, PolitiFact, Factcheck.org, the Weekly Standard, and Associated Press, and uses the information provided by these organizations to reduce the reach of posts that are “debunked” in their News Feed.

The partnering with these fact-checkers has come under heavy criticism, mainly due to the almost-monopolized influence news on Facebook has, which is then being filtered out by unregulated individuals who are often financially motivated and express political bias.

“They’ve essentially used us for crisis PR,” declared former Snopes managing editor Brooke Binkowski during an interview with the Guardian.

To make this bad situation worse, it turns out that the co-founder of Snopes has been using the money to fund a debauched lifestyle, according to his ex-wife.

The Daily Mail reports:

“One of the websites Facebook is to use to arbitrate on ‘fake news’ is involved in a bitter legal dispute between its co-founders, with its CEO accused of using company money for prostitutes.

 Snopes.com will be part of a panel used by Facebook to decide whether stories which users complain about as potentially ‘fake’ should be considered ‘disputed’.

But the website’s own troubles and the intriguing choice of who carries out its ‘fact checks’ are revealed by DailyMail.com, as one of its main contributors is disclosed to be a former sex-blogger who called herself ‘Vice Vixen’.

Snopes.com will benefit from Facebook’s decision to allow users to report items in their newsfeed which they believe to be ‘fake’.

It is asking a number of organizations to arbitrate on items which are reported or which Facebook staff think may not be genuine, and decide whether they should be marked as ‘disputed’.”

How does ‘fact’ checking work at Facebook?  Here is what their website says:

But who are the fact checkers?  Facebook relies on the AP, Factcheck.org, PolitiFact and Snopes.

What this means is that if a conservative post goes viral, and Snopes flags it as “false” then a link to Snopes is created, which creates more ad revenue for Snopes.

Here is an example of how this system works.  Just before the November elections, Breitbart news published a story calling on a Democratic Candidate to denounce a picture of armed Black Panther members who were supporting her.  This resulted in Bethania Palma from Snopes sending the following to Breitbart:

I’m a reporter from the fact checking organization Snopes.com. I had a couple of questions about this story:
The story says Breitbart “obtained” images of the Black Panthers. Where did Breitbart obtain the images from?
– Why does Breitbart quote the Kemp campaign with no obvious effort to get comment from the Abrams campaign?
– Why did Breitbart use the term “lobby” in the headline?
– Breitbart normally takes a pro-gun stance. Does Breitbart maintain that stance when the gun owners are black?
– Did anyone at Breitbart make an effort to contact the New Black Panther Party for comment?

Who exactly is this reporter?  She is a writer for the radical leftist outlet Alternet which shows a hard-leftist mentality.

She constantly accuses Trump of being “racist” (the latest is a series of tweets attacking the president’s campaign ad on the migrant caravan as such) or linking Trump to the Ku Klux Klan any way she can.

Snopes is profiting by accusing conservatives of “fake news” and Facebook is complicit in this.













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