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The New World Order Thought They Got The Last Laugh On Trump After This Betrayal

Barack Obama’s New World Order targeted Donald Trump for destruction since Day One.

The never-ending campaign of sabotage included some of the dirtiest tricks in the history of American politics.

And Obama’s New World Order thought it got the last laugh on Donald Trump after this head-turning betrayal.

On no issue did Donald Trump present a greater threat to the New World Order status quo than on immigration.

Democrats want open borders to flood America with illegal aliens creating a permanent underclass totally dependent on government programs that turn into reliable Democrat Party votes.

But this plan requires not just open borders, but full amnesty.

RINO Republicans fight for open borders and amnesty to provide their big business paymasters with a steady stream of cheap, low-skill foreign labor to flood the market and depress the wages of American citizens.

Trump rejected this anti-American agenda and his promise to build a border wall became the centerpiece of his winning message.

But now that President Trump is in office and determined to actually win funding for his wall and to protect the American worker, New World Order agents and sympathizers in Congress are pulling their hair out.

That’s because President Trump declared a national emergency using the lawful authority granted to him by Congress in the 1976 National Emergency Act, to access over three billion dollars in military construction funds to build hundreds of miles of border wall.

The swamp’s first play to stop the President was a “bipartisan” letter from 57 national security and foreign policy establishment “luminaries” claiming there is no emergency on the border.

The Washington Post listed some of the signers as:

Eliot A. Cohen, State Department counselor under President George W. Bush; Thomas R. Pickering, President George H.W. Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations; John F. Kerry, Obama’s second secretary of state; Susan E. Rice, Obama’s national security adviser; Leon E. Panetta, Obama’s CIA director and defense secretary; as well as former intelligence and security officials who served under Republican and Democratic administrations.

But what the fake news did not want to tell was of the 57 letter signers, 46 of them were Democrats and the rest were Never Trump traitors and RINOs.

That gambit failed to sway President Trump so the anti-Trump forces went nuclear.

Congress can pass a resolution of disapproval stopping the emergency declaration with a bare majority in each House.

Trump can still block this through a veto, but one of the big questions hovering over Washington is, will four Republicans lock arms with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to try and bully the President into backing down by threatening him with political embarrassment.

So RINO Republicans in the Senate threatened to publically humiliate the President unless he withdrew the emergency declaration.

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee – one of the biggest liberals in the Republican caucus – marched down to the Senate floor and delivered the President an ultimatum – withdraw the emergency declaration or Republicans will mount a Rebellion.

But this threat rings hollow.

That’s because the pressure is not on Trump, it is on Senate Republicans.

Any Republican that votes against the President invites a primary challenge from a Trump supporter.

And that could mean the end of their careers.

RINOs like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker learned this lesson the hard way.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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