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Everyone Is Asking One Question About Robert Mueller After This Bombshell Leak

Robert Mueller is still lurking in the shadows chasing down every lead in his rigged witch hunt against President Trump.

The special counsel appears to have put the word out his investigation is close to wrapping up.

But everyone is asking one question about Robert Mueller after this bombshell leak.

The conventional wisdom in Washington is that Mueller is winding down his fishing expedition and will soon admit a complete and total failure to find any evidence.

But despite reports floating around for months that Mueller was on the back nine of his investigation, every deadline the so-called “experts” set for him to submit his report comes and goes with no Mueller report.

At first, the fake news predicted Mueller would finish by the first week in February.

That came and went with no report.

Then they thought Mueller would turn in his report by the middle of March.

That will not be the case.

Trump supporters suspect Mueller is playing games.

They contend Mueller is leaking that he is close to finishing to lower the temperature around his investigation so he can continue the pursuit in an under the radar fashion.

The Washington Times’ Rowan Scarborough outlined three areas of possible Russian collusion Mueller is still pursuing:

  • Court filings in the prosecution of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort show that Mr. Mueller is still investigating a fall 2016 meeting at a Manhattan cigar bar where the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Russia was discussed.


  • Mr. Muellerstill has questions about the Ukraine amendment to the 2016 Republican Party platform.


  • The indictment of Trump political adviser Roger Stone for allegedly lying to Congress sets up the possibility of a plea bargain. Mr. Stone has denied wrongdoing and has said he will never betray President Trump. But he has added that he is willing to cooperate.


The pieces of the puzzle came together when Deep State ring leader Rod Rosenstein announced he would stay on at the Department of Justice longer than previously thought.

Initially, Rosenstein was supposed to hit the bricks in the middle of March.

But now Rosenstein will stay on for a short time longer.

And it’s clear his job is to help cover up the Obama Deep State’s abuse of power and help Mueller nail the President.

Attorney General William Barr asked Rosenstein to prepare a report on possible FISA abuses with the FBI spying on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

But Rosenstein signed three of the warrants authorizing the spying.

It smells like an inside job to whitewash the FBI’s criminal activity in spying on Page to try and frame Trump as a secret Russian agent.

Rosenstein is a Deep State mole within the Trump administration.

His remaining on the job is a clear sign that Mueller’s leaks to the media about winding down his investigation are a smoke screen designed to lull the President and his supporters in to a false sense of security.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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