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Mitt Romney Joins Democrats and Big Banks to End This Candidate’s Nomination

The Utah “Republican” came out against a conservative Trump supporter for an important nomination.

Longtime RINO Lisa Murkowski and two other moderate GOP turncoats joined Romney in killing Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve.

And Mitt Romney joined Democrats and big banks to end this candidate’s nomination.

Conservatives and liberty activists cheered when Donald Trump came out in support of a full audit of the Fed during the 2016 presidential campaign.

And his battles with the current Fed chairman and board are well-known.

But not much was happening on that front, and “Audit the Fed” bills in both the House and Senate are stalled as Democrats and Republicans join together to protect the big banksters and their easy money ways.

Then, just few weeks ago President Trump gave a spark of hope to the movement when he announced two picks for the Fed Board.

First was economist and conservative pundit Stephen Moore. And second was former Kansas City Fed Chairman and conservative presidential candidate Herman Cain.

And if there was any doubt at all that these were good choices, one only needed to look at the immediate opposition to them from the likes of Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and their big money backers.

Still, Trump stayed firm.

Then earlier this week, we got the bad news.  Herman Cain was withdrawing his name from consideration to the Fed Board.

Trump tweeted out:

Cain addressed his reasons for withdrawing to The Western Journal saying he felt he could have a bigger impact as a private citizen.

“After I went through Phase 1 of the background check, which involves my 50-year business career being picked over like a carcass, I was told they were next checking everything I’d ever written for anything that could be controversial,” Cain wrote. “Would they find anything controversial? I certainly think so!”

He was also informed if he took the position at the Fed, he would have to give up most, if not all, of his business interests, stop hosting his radio program, stop making paid speeches, making appearances on Fox Business Network or other stations.

Cain said the pay cut he would take was substantial and he would be giving up reaching over four million people a month with his conservative message, in order to have a little say on the Federal Reserve.

While all of this is certainly true, it is worth noting that his withdrawal only came after four turncoat so-called “Republican” Senators announced their opposition to Cain.

Mitt Romney, always a thorn in the side of decent Americans everywhere, was joined by RINO Lisa Murkowski and “moderate” Senators Cory Gardner of Colorado and Kevin Cramer of North Dakota.

These four made it clear where they stand by denouncing Cain for being a conservative activist.

Since Republicans only have a 53-47 majority, these defections made it clear Cain would not be confirmed.

Now we will wait to see what kind of treatment Stephen Moore receives from these liberal Republicans.

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