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Mysterious Maltese Professor Holds the Key to the Entire Mueller Probe

One Republican Congressman is demanding information from U.S. intelligence agencies on this supposed Russian spy.

The information he gets could blow the lid off the entire Deep State effort to get Trump.

And this mysterious Maltese professor could be the key to the entire Mueller investigation.

The release of the Mueller investigation report proved exactly what most rational experts knew all along; there was no Trump collusion with Russia.

That’s why only the most insane of the Democrat party are calling for further investigation (admittedly that is a large number of Democrats these days).

It’s also why many Republicans are saying this is over, and it’s time to move on.

There is a major flaw in that Republican reasoning however; it’s not over.

The Mueller report actually bolstered claims by many that it was the Obama White House and Clinton campaign that colluded with Russian operatives, Chinese diplomats and the Ukrainian government to steal the 2016 election.

That is what must be investigated now.  The American people have the right to know exactly who was involved, what was done and what American government resources were spent on this plot.

Fortunately, there are some in Congress who still have the principles and cojones to act.

That’s why Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) last Friday sent letters to the heads of the DOJ, CIA, FBI, and NSA requesting information about one key player in this whole saga.

Joseph Mifsud is a mysterious Maltese professor who is either a Russian spy, or a western asset, i.e. double agent, and who allegedly is the individual who told Trump advisor George Papadopoulos that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton emails.

In his letters to the agency heads, Congressman Nunes asked for “copies of all the information in your departments’ and agencies’ possession related to Joseph Mifsud, including emails, all relevant reports and records of his contact with any elements of the U.S. government.”

Nunes has accused Mueller of “cherry-picking” only information that would be damaging to President Trump and of continuing the FBI’s practice of using “circular intelligence reporting,” a highly fraudulent and discredited method of confirming intelligence.

For example, we now know that in the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign, top DOJ and FBI officials leaked information to the media and then, after the stories were reported, these same officials used those press reports to justify investigations.

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Nunes said:

“One of the things that we’re finding is, is that they used numerous, dozens of news stories. Now, remember, these are the same guys that were leaking classified information. So you had FBI leakers that would leak to the news. They do a fake news story. Then that news story would then get — now we see was picked up in many cases and used by the Mueller dossier team, I mean, we paid — we paid $30 million for this?”

Nunes added: “We’re trying to get to the bottom of Mifsud, so as we talked about it on the last segment this guy originates the investigation. We know that as the Mueller team wrote this Mueller dossier, they used a lot of these news stories that sometimes were generated by leaks from the FBI. Now I don’t think the American people expect 20 DOJ lawyers and 40 FBI agents to write a 450-page report that’s built off of news stories that in many cases they generated.”

Nunes also pointed out that Link Campus, the university in Malta where Mifsud worked and where he first met Papadopoulos, was frequently used by the FBI for training personnel.

“So how is it that we spend 30+ million dollars on [the Mueller investigation], as taxpayers, and they can’t even tell us who Joseph Mifsud is?” the Congressman asked.

So, the man who started the entire investigation into Trump and Russia remains a shadowy figure and America’s intelligence agencies either can’t or won’t tell us who Joseph Mifsud is.

As more and more comes out, one truth is clear: it’s not a matter if the Trump campaign was spied on; it’s only a matter of who was involved, and how high up the chain it went.

We will keep you updated on this developing story.

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