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Barack Obama Just Got the Bad News He Feared Most

A new investigation into the Russia Hoax is already uncovering major Obama officials’ involvement.

So far, Obama has remained above the fray and his pals in the media haven’t asked him even one question about his role.

But last week, Obama got the bad news he feared the most.

As the 2020 presidential campaign heats up, with more than 23 Democrats already announced, many are losing sight of the fact we are three years in to what may be the biggest scandal in American history.

It seems anyone who has ever known, worked with or been related to Donald Trump is being asked to testify.  Not just once, but over and over and over again.

Some days it seems like it will never end, even after it ended with Trump’s exoneration!

Now a new probe has been launched, headed by Barr, and the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, John Durham, is tasked with fully investigating the beginnings of the Russia collusion hoax.

As Deep State operatives scurry about like rats abandoning the ship, one person has remained surprisingly above the fray.

Former President Barack Obama has yet to be asked a single question, by anyone, about what he or his White House staff knew about the Mueller investigation, or when they knew it.

This failure to even discuss Obama’s involvement (which is looking more and more evident every day) is just further proof that his sway over a fawning media continues to this day.

But now, Attorney General William Barr may be changing that, by doing the job the so-called impartial news media refuses to do. Namely, he is looking into Obama’s involvement in the illegal investigation into Trump, his family and his campaign.

In a recent interview with Bill Hemmer on Fox News, Barr said his office is looking into “some very strange developments” that took place between the election and the inauguration of Donald Trump.

One of these events, Barr told Hemmer, was a meeting on January 6, 2017 between President-elect Trump, his transition team, and Obama’s top intelligence chiefs, including disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.

It was at this meeting that a strange warning was given to Trump and his team.

And one question Barr and his investigators may demand answers for is why did President Obama, in a meeting the day before, give his blessing for Comey to warn Trump about the most outlandish accusation contained in the Steele dossier?

An absurd accusation that remains completely unproven to this very day. And this could lead to more questions about the handling of the Steele dossier in the Obama White House, even before the elections.

On January 5, 2017, Comey and Clapper met with Obama and then-National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Vice President Joe Biden and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in the Oval Office.

The meeting was supposedly to review a “newly” drafted intelligence report claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 election to “denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency.”

The intelligence assessment also concluded, with absolutely no evidence, that Putin had a “clear preference” for Trump.

But as we now know, another agenda was in the works that day: To figure out whether to tell Trump the following day that the Russians had proof he engaged in “perverse sexual behavior” while visiting that country a few years prior.

They decided Comey would be the one to tell Trump of this completely unfounded “proof.”

It turns out that this “salacious” material, as Comey would later call it, makes up a good chunk of the first installment of the Steele dossier, the collection of totally unsubstantiated allegations produced by Christopher Steele.

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Steele, of course, was a political operative paid by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to smear Donald Trump.

It’s important to note that Obama’s own political action committee paid Perkins Coie, the law firm that was used as a pass-through for Fusion GPS’ opposition research, nearly $800,000 in 2016.

So all of this news begs the question; who in Obama’s administration knew of the Steele dossier and when did they know it?

Though the media won’t ask, it looks like William Barr just might.





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