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Rand Paul Blasts His Hypocrite Senate Colleagues for This Cowardly Vote

Senate Republicans joined with Democrats to kill this common sense money-saving legislation.

Most of the so-called “budget hawks” voted against it too, showing their true liberal colors.

So Rand Paul is blasting his hypocrite Senate colleagues for this cowardly vote.

For decades, Democrats have opposed spending cuts and tax cuts while Republicans have been the party of cutting spending, and lowering taxes.

At least that’s what they tell the voters.

Much like Mitch McConnell flat out lying about cutting Obamacare root and branch, Republican “budget hawks” or “deficit hawks” have given hard-hitting speeches about the need to cut spending.

But the sad fact is, year in and year out Republicans support bloated, unconstitutional budgets, continuing resolutions and “emergency” funding bills that increase government spending.

Yet most of the so-called “conservative” leadership in Washington, D.C. gives them a pass on their lies, hypocrisy and bad votes.

But Senator Rand Paul, much like his dad, is not afraid to call them out and let the American people know just how bad it is on Capitol Hill.

Just last week the libertarian-leaning Kentucky Senator called out his senatorial colleagues from both sides of the aisle after his “Pennies Plan” budget proposal was overwhelmingly defeated in a Senate vote last Monday.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” last Tuesday morning, Paul — who has served as the junior Senator from Kentucky since 2011 — was asked by host Steve Doocy just how his proposed plan would work.

Paul started by explaining that his plan would cut “a very little off the top,” 1 to 2%, of the money spent by the federal government each year and just doing that would balance the federal budget “in five years.”

But then Paul went further.

Not one to mince words, he went on to say that “almost everybody” that he spoke to about the proposal — “even liberal government advocacy groups”, and organizations who were in town to ask for federal money  — were okay with the proposed budget cut; except of course if that person is an “elected official in Washington.”

Paul continued on strongly calling out the “hypocrisy” plaguing Washington, saying he understood that “not one” Democrat would vote to cut spending or for “reducing the debt.”

But then he blasted the “big government” Republicans that make up the majority of the GOP for voting for the Balanced Budget Amendment, knowing it wouldn’t pass since it requires a 2/3 vote, while voting against his proposal which would accomplish the BBA’s goal of balancing the budget in five years, all by a majority vote.

“There [is] a lot of hypocrisy here in Washington. We understand that no Democrats are for reducing spending up here or for reducing the debt; not one. That’s a consistent theme,” said Paul. “But the surprising thing to many people is over half the Republicans — I call them the ‘big government Republicans’ — aren’t for cutting spending either.”

“So there really is a problem and a disconnect between these people go home and beat their chest and say how conservative they are, and how they’re for the balanced budget,” continued Paul.

“They all vote for the balanced budget amendment, which says you have to balance the budget in five years. Well, that’s what my budget does and none of them voted for it.”

“So there is a problem,” reiterated Paul.

The Senator’s remarks came after the Senate voted 22-69 on his proposal, with bipartisan Deep State opposition easily defeating Paul’s plan.

The plan would have cut federal spending by over $11 trillion in more than ten years, expanded health savings accounts, and overhauled the budget process for the Senate.

It also included a provision codifying that the U.S “will not be a socialist nation.”





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