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Donald Trump Fears This One Evil Act Means Destruction of the Constitution

Left-wing radicals are dangerously close to shredding the Constitution in this awful way.

Joe Biden is quietly pushing the effort to assure Democrat control of the White House for decades to come.

And Donald Trump fears this one evil act means destruction of the Constitution.

Recently we reported on the somewhat good news that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak had vetoed the dangerous National Popular Vote Compact (NPVC) when it reached his desk.

Either he feared the damage it would do to a small population state like Nevada, or he feared the backlash from angry Nevada voters, either way it was good news.

But, don’t think for a minute Nevada’s failure to join the Constitution-shredding NPVC is the end of the fight.

On June 12, Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown signed the NPVC bill into law in the Beaver state.

As of the writing of this article that makes 15 states and the District of Columbia, with 196 total electoral votes, that have passed this bill into law.

According to the terms of the compact, as few as three more states, with 74 total electoral votes between them, need to enact the bill for it to go into effect.

Should the compact go into effect, the states will cast their electoral votes for the plurality winner of what the scheme’s backers call “the national popular vote”.

Or, whichever presidential candidate gets a plurality of votes when the total votes of all the states (compacting and non-compacting) are aggregated.

This radical leftist scheme, of course, is an effort to change the Constitution without the bother of actually following the Constitution.

In other words without following the Constitution’s mandate of how to amend it by securing the consent of three-fourths of the states that the Article V Amendment procedure requires. It is also of questionable validity without the consent of Congress, as required under Article I, section 10.

While the Supreme Court might rule against allowing an interstate compact to go into effect without the prior Congressional consent, it also might not.

And since National Popular Vote Compact supporters think they can change the Constitution while flouting the very rules the Constitution requires; they would certainly be free to ignore whatever the Supreme Court tells them the Constitution requires.

Of course, while one would hope Congress would not approve of the compact, there is certainly no guarantee they won’t.

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Congress is made up of just enough Democrats and short-sighted liberal Republicans, (not to mention the obnoxious Never-Trump Caucus), that opposition to the compact is no sure thing.

And given the actions some state legislatures have taken already on items like ballot access, this compact could very well threaten the entire American Constitutional Republic system of government.

Nothing in this socialist scheme, for example, requires that any participating state let any particular candidate on their ballot.

The same California legislature that enacted the National Popular Vote is now considering a bill that would require every presidential candidate and vice-presidential candidate to release his or her tax returns; this bill has already passed the State Senate and should sail through the far-left House.

There are many other leftist schemes to steal elections but this new National Popular Vote Compact is the most far-reaching and potentially the most damaging.

We will keep you updated on this important issue.

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