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Barack Obama Aide Beats the Drum on CNN for a Bloody Civil War

He calls for the mobilization and use of the military to remove Trump from office.

And his plan is gaining steam among the far-left causing panic in some law enforcement communities.

Because this Barack Obama aide is beating the drum on CNN for a bloody civil war.

It’s no secret that Democrats still haven’t accepted that Donald Trump is President.

From Hillary Clinton screaming that she really won, to brain dead Hollywood celebrities calling for a coup against Trump, to even Jimmy Carter claiming Trump is not the legitimate President.

The simple fact is Democrats and self-described “Never Trump Republicans” are beyond being unhinged.

As one Capitol Hill staffer told Deep State Journal, these Democrats and so-called Republicans still would oppose Trump if he found the cures for everything from bad breath to cancer.

Of course the Never-Trump “Republicans” are better named “Never Republicans” and are using Trump as just one more excuse to join with Democrats and socialists to kill babies, take away our 2nd Amendment rights and increase taxes and spending.

They are the same “Republicans” who opposed Ronald Reagan, defended George Bush’s tax increases and oppose getting rid of useless government agencies like the Department of Education.

But the Democrats are especially unhinged. It truly has become a nasty free-for-all unlike any we have seen in modern American history.

No matter what Trump does, Democrats oppose him. They have done everything in their power to sow discord and anger and resentment among the American people.

They pit rich versus poor, black versus white, male versus female, straight versus LGBT and have gone so far as to defend Antifa and other terrorist organizations.

But now it has gone even further.

The Democrats and their radical socialist allies have increased the us versus them rhetoric to the point where it’s now actually dangerous.

They have gone so far as to fake hate crimes like the Covington Catholic High School scandal and the Jussie Smollett hoax.

They have accused good men of rape and sexual misconduct, which always turns out to be made up, while ignoring the actual rapes and sexual misconduct committed by their own leaders.

They do all this in an effort to trigger their supporters and a bunch of rich white millennials to fight for them at the polls and in the streets.

This has so far resulted in millions of dollars in damage, hundreds of injuries, some serious, and even serious physical attacks on journalists and elected officials.

The radical left group Antifa is now calling for its supporters to throw acid on anyone who disagrees with their fascist ideals.

Now a former aide to former President Obama has admitted that the end game is a civil war.

Joshua Geltzer, who served in various roles in Obama’s administration, wrote in an op-ed for CNN that he would want a military option.

He went on to call for the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to testify before Congress on whether they would support the use of the military to remove Trump from office.

That is the country the left has given us. One where former White House officials are going on national TV calling for military action against a sitting U.S. President.


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