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How Mueller’s Testimony Was Meant to Distract Us From This Crime Against America

By now, everyone who cared about the Mueller report is entirely over it.

It doesn’t matter if they were Democrat or Republican.

However, there’s an excellent chance Mueller’s testimony was meant to distract us from this terrible crime against America.

It’s not that vested interests didn’t want Mueller to succeed.

There’s undoubtedly a core group in the DC elite who believed with all their hearts that Mueller had a legitimate chance of getting Donald Trump removed from office.

They believed it more than 2 years ago when they first incited Mueller to launch his investigation, and they believed it when they orchestrated his appearance in DC last week.

And while their confidence in Mueller’s ability may have been misplaced, they weren’t stupid enough to put all their eggs in that basket.

Because the Mueller testimony was ultimately a ruse. It was orchestrated to distract America from something terrible that’s happening to us.

While Mueller sat before both branches of Congress confirming there’s still no crime Trump can be tried for…

Those very same representatives who were grilling him were allowing a monstrosity of a budget deal to pass that adds an additional 1.7 trillion dollars to our debt.

Worse yet, this financial catastrophe isn’t just getting the full support of a Democrat-controlled Congress,  the Democrats know it’s going to handicap America.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D–MD) admitted as much when he said, “Make no mistake, we’re going to have to make some tough decisions in the years ahead to make sure our fiscal house is in order.”

And yet, Hoyer – along with hundreds of other Democrats and some Republicans – kicked the can down the road. It’ll be someone else’s problem.

The house of cards they’ve built will eventually fall, and they’re okay with that. Many of them assume it’s going to fall long after they’re gone.

However, they’re deluded to think that.

So too is President Trump, sadly.

If there’s one thing Trump can be faulted for, it’s helping to balloon the size of our federal debt.

Before the House voted 284-149 to add $2.7 trillion to the budget (and $1.7 trillion to our debt in the next 10 years), Trump tweeted he was in full support of having the budget deal passed.

Tweeting about how it helps the United States, Trump said:

“House Republicans should support the TWO YEAR BUDGET AGREEMENT which greatly helps our Military and our Vets. I am totally with you!”

Which is a sad and scary thought.

Anyone reading this knows there is no perfect system of governance. There will always be issues dividing us. There will always be quarrels in any system. Even in a republic.

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That being said, it’s unacceptable for both branches of our government to allow its constituents to be enslaved to an unpayable debt.

They’re well aware of the position this puts our country in. All of them are fully aware of how it undermines our sovereignty and erodes our autonomy. Yet, they act like nothing bad is happening.

Like a patient who’s just been diagnosed with skin cancer, they keep going out and baking in the sun.

The entire Mueller testimony seems like a designed plot to avert our eyes from the painful truth.

Our representatives have sold us out, and while we’re distracted by political theater, they’ve taken another nail and driven it into the coffin.



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