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This Deep State Mainstream News Network Just Got the News They Feared The Most

There’s no questioning the Deep State is alive and well in today’s mainstream media. The ruse of an impartial media comprised of impartial journalists is finally over.

Because one of the many ways the Deep State and radical left controls the narrative is through the media.

But this Deep State mainstream media outlet just got the news they feared the most.

We’re talking the kind of bad news that may end up getting the network pulled off the air forever.

CNN, arguably the “top dog” in fake news for the Deep State, just found out that their ratings are at historic lows.

In fact, if the numbers are accurate, more people will watch a YouTube video of a cat falling off a table today than the drivel CNN creates.

Here’s how we can be sure.

A recent town hall debate between two of the more popular Democrat Presidential candidates netted a mere 402,000 viewers during primetime TV.

That’s roughly the size of Des Moines, Iowa – out of a nation of 330 million people!

The town hall featured Montana Gov. Steve Bullock alongside New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and aired Sunday night at 6pm EST.

Nielsen Media Research, the leading polling company for TV viewership, showed that CNN’s ratings dive is bolstered by FOX News’ surge in viewership numbers.

According to Nielsen, during the same time slot, FOX News saw more than 873,000 people tuning in. That’s 64% more viewers, which shows how much people distrust CNN.

CNN’s ratings have been in sharp decline for more than a year now. It’s apparent people are growing tired of the lies the propaganda network tells.

Adweek shows they’re down by as much as 32% in some areas.

They write, “Compared to its July 2018 performance, CNN was -11% in total prime time viewers, -13% in total day viewers, -32% in the prime time demo, and -32% in the total day demo this month.”

And The Hill documented this ratings crash as CNN’s worst performance ever in a town hall series.

Joe Concha, writing for The Hill, said, “[the] Bullock-de Blasio event marked an all-time ratings low for town hall events on the network in 2019. Viewership was down 25 percent overall and 38 percent in the younger demographic compared to CNN’s 2019 average for Sundays from 6 pm to 8 pm.”

These rating declines aren’t just happening at CNN, either.

Another major mouthpiece of the Deep State, MSNBC, is also losing viewers at a rapid pace.

Their flagship program, The Rachel Maddow Show, went from first place just a few months ago to fifth place in August.

The Daily Caller wrote:

“The Rachel Maddow Show” placed fifth in cable news ratings this month behind “Hannity,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “The Ingraham Angle,” and “The Five,” making it the second straight month that Fox News had the four highest-rated cable news programs.”

These trends are nearly universal, and anyone with half a brain can see why the crash is happening.

The mainstream media peddles trash and lies. People on the left and right have picked up on this deceitful style of journalism and are turning to more trusted sources.

And not just FOX News.

More people are getting their news from alternative news outlets like Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan’s podcasts.

These longer programming formats mean people can hear more than a few sanitized soundbites deemed worthy of live television.

This is all good news for liberty and bad news for the Deep State.

Access to unbiased sources of news is a must if our nation is to thrive.

And CNN’s fall is evidence that’s what the majority of Americans are truly hungry for. Hopefully, that includes you too.


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