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Trump Staffer Resigns After She’s Found To Be A Deep State Plant Leaking Private Information

This White House aide cried on election night in 2016 because she didn’t want Trump to win.

She also worked for the RNC and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

And now this Trump staffer has resigned after she was found to be a Deep State implant leaking private information to the media.

Madeleine Westerhout, a personal assistant to President Donald Trump, has resigned in disgrace after she was caught sharing private information about the President and his family with the media.

Westerhout stood accused of leaking what Fox News called “intimate details about the president’s family and life” when she met with reporters for a supposedly off-the-record dinner earlier this month.

Of course, anyone who has been around politics and the media as long as Westerhout knows there is no longer any such thing as “off-the-record” with so-called journalists.

The once cherished and unbreakable bond of an “off-the-record” discussion with members of the media is long gone, just like journalistic ethics, truth, and facts.

Westerhout had dinner and drinks with reporters in Bedminster, New Jersey during a Trump vacation there.

CNN, as usual, is trying to defend the unethical behavior by members of the media, claiming that Westerhout never told reporters it was off-the-record, and that is why Trump and White House staff found out about it from a reporter who was at the dinner.

CBS News, in a story based on an “anonymous” source, said Westerhout had been drinking heavily and was all too eager to share private details of Trump and his family with the reporters who circled the inebriated aide like vultures.

That same CBS report said that Westerhout also spent a fair amount of time sharing secrets and “gossiped about TV personalities seeking access to the president.”

Once Trump found out about the breach on Thursday, immediate actions were taken to remove the Deep State operative from the White house.

By Friday morning, she was officially listed as a “separated employee” and not allowed back into the White House.

This news is troubling on many levels. Not the least of which is how a Deep State operative was able to be inserted into the White House and get so close to the President.

Her past work with the Deep State’s favorite Republican Mitt Romney should have set off warning flares!

And of course, media outlets immediately started defending Westerhout, trying to quiet the warning bells set off by this Deep State operative’s actions.

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The New York Times said Westerhout was nothing but a political pawn in the internal politics of a fractured White House.

Politico, the Deep State’s premiere political publication, said it was merely the end result of her efforts to try and become more important and that the leaks to the media were merely “the final straw.”

While the media and their Deep State buddies like Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney try to hide their work in the shadows, it is highly likely more and more of these Deep State rats will be smoked out in the coming months.

Keep coming back to Deep State Journal to read more about this ongoing story.



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