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The Terrifying Reason Antifa Can Beat a Man Close to Death and Get Away With It

Perhaps the most significant evidence of the massive schism between the left and the right today is the existence of Antifa.

The far-left group claims they exist to help resist bigotry and the formation of fascist policies – but in reality, Antifa looks, talks and acts much more like the Gestapo than a “freedom-fighting” unit.

Antifa has grown unchecked in the last few months, and the level of violence they perpetrate has increased as well.

And now we know why Antifa can beat a man almost to death and get away with it.

On June 29th, Antifa stormtroopers famously beat independent journalist Andy Ngo so violently that he was taken to the hospital.

Doctors later determined Ngo had suffered brain damage due to the beating.

The more “conservative” news networks widely and fairly covered the story, but the mainstream media mainly ignored it.

And the mainstream networks that did cover the incident only bloviated about how a fellow Asian journalist deserved to be attacked because “rumor has it” he’s part of the ”racist, Nazi alt-right” (that’s right, according to reporters, white power racists have now decided to accept Asians into their ranks).

Ngo had been doggedly pursuing to expose Antifa as a terrorist fascist group that knowingly seeks out confrontations with groups and individuals who are patriotic in nature.

Since his beating, he’s collected hours of video and hundreds of quotes from Antifa members and has used it to depict how they engineer violence against the right, Republicans, and sometimes just innocent old ladies and children.

What he’s also done is shown how they’re getting away with all of it.

The media positioned Ngo as a troll for the right and made him appear to be a menace to the safety of America (along with Trump and his supporters).

They claimed Ngo was the aggressor and Antifa members, the victim.

Take, for instance, the headline by Rolling Stone from Sept 3: “How a Right-Wing Troll Managed to Manipulate the Mainstream Media.”

That headline may be as deceptive and slanderous as their hit piece on UVA which was all based on a fake story made up by a Rolling Stone reporter.

Or this headline from Jacobin: “Portland’s Andy Ngo Is the Most Dangerous Grifter in America.”

And the leading arbiter of truth and justice, Buzzfeed, wrote: “Andy Ngo Has The Newest New Media Career. It’s Made Him A Victim And A Star.”

All of them show Ngo in a less than favorable light.

Before the clash between the Patriot Prayer group and Antifa took place in late August, a left-wing activist posing as a member of Patriot Prayer had secretly recorded 18 minutes of video that supposedly showed Ngo being complicit in trying to take down Antifa.

This video footage is what catalyzed several smaller newspapers to resist Ngo and support Antifa actively.

The only problem is the video doesn’t show Ngo being complicit in any way with allowing the violence against him to take place.

Robby Soave, writing for Reason magazine, put it this way:

“The problem, of course, is that the video—which mostly depicts a small group of people standing around, discussing which side of the street they should walk on when and if they approach Antifa, and conversing with the undercover Ben—proves no such thing.

I have watched it from start to finish at least five times, and it does not even establish that the group of right-wing agitators planned an attack—let alone that Ngo was aware of such a plot.

Indeed, the Portland Mercury article that received such rave reviews from The Daily Beast, Vice, Media Matters, and others makes little effort to explain what was so damning about the video, and Zielinski spends much of her article lionizing Ben’s actions without offering any independent scrutiny of his claims.”

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The truth of the matter is Antifa has been allowed to act violently because the mainstream media successfully crafted the narrative that they’re the victim and everyone who supports Trump and his policies are the aggressor.

So long as that narrative exists, Antifa can act with impunity.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but it’s the truth about the situation.

So readers, be careful when you go out in public in your red hat, patriotic shirt, or even in a suit and tie – because Antifa thugs are watching and ready to pounce.

And when they do, it will be your fault.





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