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Big Pharma is Getting Away With Patient Abuse –Here’s How Your Tax Dollars Help Them

Deep State Journal has previously reported just how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry is.

But even with the government’s involvement, things do not seem to be improving.

Big Pharma is still getting away with patient abuse and your hard-earned tax dollars are helping them do it.

Big Pharma continually undermines regulations and systems put into place to protect those in need of medical supplies or healthcare.

Take Big Pharma’s abuse of the American patent system, for instance.

Since April of 1790, this system has served as a cornerstone in encouraging and protecting innovation.

But Big Pharma, with government approval, continually undermines the patent system and it’s had disastrous consequences.

As Big Pharma manipulates the American patent system, the cost of prescriptions and overall health care rises drastically.

Healthcare costs are outrageous and becoming more so due to Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Insurance teaming up to make resources, medical care, and prescriptions virtually unaffordable for the poorest among us.

This high cost, along with the unavailability for more affordable options, is putting patients in dire straits.

Some industry officials and apologists argue that this is “just how the free market works” – that corporations are free to manipulate the industry however they see fit and charge whatever they want.

This is so far from the truth, it’s almost criminal.

And it’s led many well-meaning Americans to support universal healthcare, government take-overs of drug companies, and other horrible solutions.

But that’s the problem—there’s already too much government involvement in the medical industry and pharmaceutical markets.

For example, Big Pharma companies have continued to accumulate patents, but restrict patents for affordable drugs by delaying the release of generic medications or halting research on more affordable options.

All of this is done with government aid and comfort.

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Big Pharma then stalls any incentive to develop new drugs and just replicate the patents previously obtained.

And here’s where government control is even more evident—the FDA takes years to approve the testing of drugs and blocks many improvements in drug manufacturing because, that’s right, the FDA is made up of doctors, insurance executives, and Big Pharma leaders who work to stop any drugs or medical care that might threaten their bottom line.

This results in a crippled and stagnant market that has very little competition or innovation, thus allowing Big Pharma to abuse their patients’ need for life-saving healthcare by regulating the flow of drugs and raising the price as they see fit.

A reformation of the medical and healthcare industry is desperately needed, and it needs to start with Big Pharma no longer abusing the patent system.

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