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Donald Trump “Assassination Plot” Announced by This Presidential Candidate On Live TV

For the next few days, the only thing the media is going to talk about is the fake Ukraine “scandal” and the coming impeachment proceedings.

The leftists and their media spokesmen have been waiting for this moment for years, and they’re not going to let a failed investigation or a complete lack of evidence stop them from plastering this all over the airwaves.

Their attacks on Trump are so noxious, they’ve gone so far as to let an “assassination plot” against Trump be announced by a Presidential candidate on live TV.

As the Presidential election cycle heats up, the candidates are pulling off the kid gloves and setting to lay waste.

That’s half the reason the Ukraine “scandal” exists in the first place.

Democrats and their useful idiots in the “Never-Trump Republican” movement falsely claim Trump utilized a quid pro quo arrangement with the Ukrainian President to harm Biden’s campaign.

And now, what’s equally frightening, is this made-up scandal has emboldened some anti-Trump stooges in the GOP.

From disgraced former-GOP Congressman Justin Amash, to Mitt Romney, and a gaggle of DC insider consultants, Trump is being attacked.

In fact, Amash, after finding out there was no evidence of any wrongdoing whined and cried, “It’s not about that, he’s just mean and nasty!” Or something along those lines.

And though the media doesn’t talk about it much, there are currently three GOP challengers wishing to take the nomination away from Trump.

These include Bill Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford.

Recently, one of the Deep State’s favorite news networks had the three GOP Presidential candidates sit down and talk about the false Ukraine scandal.

All three appeared on MSNBC in a joint effort to gut Trump’s re-election bid.

And even though they all once claimed to be on the same team as Trump, they didn’t hold back from bashing him.

In fact, former left-wing Republican, then libertarian, and now so-called Republican again William Weld said that President Trump could and should be killed if he’s impeached and found guilty of treason.

Matt Welch writing for Reason.com reported:

“Former Watergate prosecutor, former U.S. attorney, former Massachusetts governor, and 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Bill Weld is accusing Trump not just of impeachable crimes but of treason. Which, Weld adds, is punishable by death.”

The three continued to rip the President and accuse him of acting like a despot and an autocrat.

Walsh claimed that Trump is acting in a way that’s unfitting for his station.

“He’s a king, he’s a would-be dictator,” Walsh said, adding that the President is “unfit” and “a clear and present danger to this country.” If Trump wins the nomination—a near certainty—the Republican Party “will be dead after 2020,” Walsh exclaimed.

Additionally, Walsh said that Trump was trying to steal the nomination away from other candidates.

He bases that claim on the recent actions of several states to cancel primaries because they don’t believe a rival could successfully challenge the incumbent for a run at the Oval Office in 2020.

Walsh continued, “This isn’t Russia, this isn’t China, you can’t just cancel elections in the United States of America. But that’s what Donald Trump is doing. And make no mistake…this is Donald Trump telling the Republican Party bosses what to do, because the Republican Party bosses, the Republican Party establishment, all they want to do is wash their dictator’s feet every doggone day.”

Whether or not you agree with Walsh, Weld, or Sanford, one thing is certain.

No President has ever been attacked as viciously as Trump has been these past three years.

You’d think they’d recognize that President Trump has done more to put the nation on the right course than any President before him.

Instead, candidates on both sides attack him mercilessly.

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