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Donald Trump Just Got Support On The Ukrainian Investigation From this Unlikely Politician

The Democrats in the House believe they’re going to impeach Donald Trump and it’s all but a foregone conclusion that he’s finished.

Heck, they even convinced former Republican and one-time libertarian hero Justin Amash to hop aboard the “impeach Trump train.”

But fortunately, for as much as the Democrats hate the President, Donald Trump is getting support on the Ukraine scandal from the most unlikely of politicians.

As you know, Donald Trump probably has more political enemies than any President in American history.

That’s because the American people elected him at a time when the Deep State assumed they’d get to continue riding roughshod over the country, just as they had for decades.

They didn’t expect Trump would actually win the Presidency and then fulfill his campaign promise to end their reign of terror in the federal government.

While Trump enjoys a fair bit of support from the Republican Party, there are a few RINOS and Never-Trump Republicans who hate him, and he doesn’t fare so well with independents and more libertarian-minded politicians either — despite his actions to bring troops home, end the endless wars, and scale back the scope and size of government through executive orders.

And yet, Donald Trump has now found support from a former Libertarian Party presidential candidate who believes Trump’s call with Ukraine was actually a presidential responsibility.

Bob Barr’s defense of Trump could give Americans some much-needed clarity on why the President should not be impeached.

And if anyone can speak accurately on impeachment, it’s Barr.

An early backer of articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton, the former Republican Congressman knows illegal activity when he sees it.

Writing an Op-Ed for the Daily Caller, Barr makes the case that what Trump did wasn’t illegal or unethical – and should ultimately be viewed as an act of American protectionism.

Barr cut to the core of the issue and explained that Trump wasn’t trying to play political cat and mouse, but was trying to root out corruption.

“The president of the United States was doing precisely what a president should have been doing,” he contested.

“Trump emphasized that his administration was serious about getting to the bottom of corruption in Ukraine…and that a high government official in our country—former Vice President Joe Biden—had improperly interfered with that country’s effort to discover and prosecute corrupt acts.”

“Trump was acting responsibly and presidential,” Barr concludes. “He deserves our appreciation, not our opprobrium.”

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Joined in this sentiment was Barr’s running mate from the 2008 Presidential election, Wayne Allyn Root.

Root accurately noted that the Ukraine scandal isn’t scandalous because it shines a light on Trump’s indiscretions but because it highlights how desperate the Deep State is to get rid of Trump.

Root stated that the whistleblower complaint was a “premeditated hit job and Deep State coup against the president,” engineered by Democratic leaders who want to “knock him out of office before he can properly investigate and prosecute them.”

Granted, not all libertarians feel this way about Trump. Several of so-called libertarian politicians have openly denounced Trump on television, calling him a “dictator” and a “monarch.”

Still, it’s encouraging to see that serious politicians, ones who may not agree with Trump on everything, are confident that Trump has done nothing wrong.

Hopefully, the rest of the country comes to their senses and agrees with Barr, too.

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