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Donald Trump at Risk of Internal Coup If These Allies Turn Their Backs On Him

What we’re witnessing happen to President Trump right now is a concerted attack by some of the most powerful men and women in America who are furious that Trump has defied them at every turn.

Because he won’t kowtow to their demands, and because he wants to protect the American people, he’s been assaulted and misrepresented in ways that would crush most people.

Sadly, Donald Trump is at risk of an internal coup if these allies turn their backs on him.

The Deep State has likely planted several people close to the President who could help this coup take place.

But the worst part of all?

The mainstream media is trying to pressure those who work with Trump to rat the President out.

In a treasonous session of mainstream “news,” MSNBC anchor Joy Reid tried to scare Trump administration officials into jumping ship – or else.

On her show “AM Joy,” Reid made it clear that Trump officials who didn’t turn Trump in and turn themselves over would end up on the “going-to-jail truck,” just like Nixon’s aides who committed crimes on Nixon’s behalf.

Reid said, “There are a number of people who are allowing themselves to be corrupted along with Donald Trump.

And the Nixon example is that Nixon didn’t go to prison, but a whole lot of people around him…went to prison because people were willing to commit the crime for him.

Of course, all the guests on Reid’s show agreed and seemed to come to the consensus that the “dominoes are falling” and the situation “unraveling” for Trump.

They also said it’d be a good idea if Attorney General William Barr got his affairs in order too, and he’d “better be thinking about what’s going to happen to him.

InfoWars writer Paul Watson believes that: “…the establishment is in panic mode after learning that Barr asked Italy, the UK, and Australia to assist him with the investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax.

Additionally, the renewed impeachment push based on a whistleblower complaint over a phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has been coming apart after it was revealed that the so-called “whistleblower” coordinated with House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff before the complaint was even filed.

In fact, since that effort has been failing, the New York Times is now reporting that a SECOND intelligence operative “whistleblower” is preparing to come forward.”

It remains to be seen whether that individual secretly coordinated with Democrats also, but it wouldn’t be surprising if that turns out to be the case.”

Hopefully, no one close to Trump will be intimidated into trying to do anything illegal for Trump – or against him.

Unfortunately here at Deep State Journal, we are all too familiar with how the Department of Justice, FBI, and other government agencies try to convince good people to commit crimes in the name of “justice” and the “greater good.”

In one case, DOJ prosecutors allegedly demanded that three individuals commit perjury to help the DOJ go after their boss, a longtime Republican Congressman, and Presidential candidate.

So this is the last thing the Republican Party needs – more criminal behavior to correct and cover up what the Deep State has already done illegally.




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