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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Just Infuriated Deep State Operatives out to Get Donald Trump

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez might be one of the most vexing politicians in Washington, D.C. today.

Not only does she say some ridiculous things that justifiably draw scrutiny and rebuke, but sometimes it’s tough to tell whose team she’s really on and what she really believes.

For instance, this recent move Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made has Deep State operatives furious.

If the Deep State thought AOC was playing for their team, they might want to rethink things.

The liberal media darling just went on record supporting something that no one in the Deep State wants.

She wants Bernie Sanders to become President.

Now, some would argue that Bernie’s in bed with the Deep State.

And while it’s hard to deny the fact that most of the Vermont Senator’s policies do fall in line with the Deep State’s values, the truth is they hate him.

They hate him so much that they organized his ouster during the Democrat Presidential primary in 2016, and some suspect the Deep State may have even played a role in his recent hospitalization.

So for AOC to lend her support to his Presidential campaign indicates something’s not quite right.

There are three options here.

Either AOC has a longer leash than most of the Deep State’s cohorts.

Or they’re using her for a much longer game than we could imagine.

Or – the most likely option – is the Deep State doesn’t have her under their thumb.

Any are possible, but three is the most plausible.

And perhaps even more confusing is AOC isn’t the only member of the Deep State’s “Squad” endorsing Bernie for President.

She’s also joined by Ilhan Omar in her support for Sanders.

And shockingly, representative Rashida Tlaib might soon give Sanders her vote of confidence, too.

Sanders is visiting Tlaib’s district in a few days, so the possibility of a Tlaib endorsement could be forthcoming.

“I need to know that anyone I choose to endorse will fight for my residents, and I appreciate the opportunity for them to have a dialogue with Senator Sanders about these critically important issues,” Tlaib said.

The fact that three of the biggest names in Democrat politics today are endorsing the very man Democrats sought to destroy back in 2016 proves the Deep State’s control over the Democrats is tenuous at best.

The truth about the Deep State is, while their beliefs are certainly as radical as those Bernie and AOC espouse, these clandestine operatives know that far-left radicalism is too much for America right now.

The Deep State believed that a politician like Hillary was the perfect option to ease into implementing their far-left policies over the course of a few years.

Bernie and AOC’s radicalism is too much, too soon.

So it is actually a good thing that AOC is supporting Bernie.

Because if Bernie becomes the Democrat nominee, Trump will easily destroy him on Election Day 2020.

So perhaps we should be thanking AOC instead of criticizing her?



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