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Donald Trump Impeachment Put on Hold as Top Navy Pilot Makes Startling Claim

While Nancy Pelosi announces she will not hold a vote on impeachment proceedings, one high-ranking Navy pilot has news of his own.

And what this “Top Gun” is reporting will leave you speechless.

In fact, even talk of Donald Trump’s impeachment has been put on hold because of this Navy pilot’s startling claim.

America has been laser-focused on the Democrat witch hunt against President Trump, and it’s all anyone talks about here in the D.C. Swamp.

Well, except for the Washington Nationals making it to the World Series for the first time ever.

There are other important things going on of course – the situation in Turkey and Syria, the NBA bowing to their Chinese masters while they trash America.

In households around the country, the talk is about the low unemployment rate, more take-home pay and a better economy overall.

On the left, there’s talk of the jack-booted thugs dressed in black committing violence on hardworking Americans in the name of “Anti Fascism”.

And a few people have mentioned the Democrat Presidential debates.

But one story is being almost universally ignored, especially by the mainstream media and their lapdogs in Congress.

And that is what this high-ranking U.S. Navy pilot witnessed during a training exercise.

According to various press reports, most notably in an article in The Daily Star, retired Naval aviator Commander David Fravor said he witnessed something so bizarre, he’s convinced it was a UFO or otherwise paranormal experience.

You may recognize the name of Commander Fravor, who first came to public attention in 2017 after describing how he and his squadron witnessed a dark object the size of a 737 jet lurking under the surface of the Pacific Ocean during training exercises back in 2004.

That was followed immediately by a sighting of a “tic-tac shaped” UFO near the underwater mass.

The incident became known far-and-wide as the “USS Nimitz encounter” and has baffled military and government investigators ever since.

Now, Commander Fravor says there was an earlier encounter with an underwater “black mass.”

Fravor announced that another Navy pilot had a similar encounter in the 1990s off the coast of Puerto Rico.

The pilot was flying his CH-53 helicopter en route to pick up an Air Force BQM drone that had splashed into the Atlantic Ocean near Puerto Rico.

A diver had been dropped into the water to hook the drone up when something truly bizarre happened.

As Commander Fravor states:

“They’re 50 feet above the water, he sees this kind of dark mass coming up from the depths, as they hoist the BQM up, he’s looking at this thing going, ‘What the hell is that?’ And then it just goes back down underwater.”

The pilot thought the incident was strange, but shrugged it off…

That is until it happened again a few months later.

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This time they were bringing a torpedo up out of the water.

But it was encompassed in this same black mass and got sucked down into the water, never to be recovered.

So, while America watches the circus out of Washington and bows down to God with prayers asking for help, U.S. Navy pilots will be looking down into the oceans wondering just what the heck is down there.






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