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Bombshell Revelation Shows Trump Double Crossed By Ally Who Could End Him

There’s a growing concern among Trump supporters that the Deep State is silently coercing all the President’s allies.

The reason for their suspicion is fairly obvious, with two key witnesses in theDemocrats impeachment proceedings having been conveniently tucked inside the Trump White House.

And now a recent bombshell revelation shows Trump was doubledcrossed by an ally who could end him.

Nothing is more remarkable than someone whogives sworn testimony, only to later recantwhat they initially stated under oath.

But this is precisely what happened just a few days ago with one of Trump’s supposed allies, the ambassador to the European Union.

On October 17th, Gordon Sondland told Congressional investigators in sworn testimony that no quid pro quo was madeduring Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

“Let me state clearly, inviting a foreign government to undertake investigations for the purpose of influencing an upcoming election would be wrong,” Sondland said in his original deposition.

“Withholding foreign aid in order to pressure a foreign government to take such steps would be wrong. I did not and would not ever participate in such undertakings.”

Strangely enough, a little over 2 weeks later, Sondland is singing a different tune.

On November 4th, Sondland issued a retraction or a “modification” to his initial testimony.

In an amendment to his deposition, Sondland says:

“I now recall speaking with [Andriy] Yermak [top adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy], I said that resumption of U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks.”

For his memory of such events to suddenly be refreshed right as Lt. Col. AlexanderVindman testified, and directly after Democrats formally filed an impeachment inquiry any impartial observer has to wonder if there wasn’t some external pressure put on Sondland to recant his official testimony.

Sadly, this double-cross doesn’t even have to be true for it to sufficiently end Trump’s chances of re-election, much less escape a House vote on impeachment.

Based on Sondland’s reversal, it appearsthe only way the Deep State knows how to get rid of Trump is to threaten or bribe his allies behind closed doors, or else…

This is why it’s taken so long for the Democrats to come up with articles of impeachment.

They can’t find one credible witness, at least legally.

After three years of giving Trump the third degree, they’re resorting to bogus tactics and half-baked lies.

Sondland should be ashamedand the American public should be outraged.

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No matter your views of Congress, the President, or the process, there really are Deep State operatives within the federal government working to stage an actual coupagainst a duly-elected President.






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