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Mitt Romney Ignores The UN Seizing American Property In His State of Utah

How would you feel if someone you knew asked to rent out part of your home to host a birthday party? You’d probably think it was kind of weird, but would let them do it.

But what if, upon arrival, they declaredthe space was now theirs and you weren’t allowed to access it?

Well, that’s precisely what just happened here in the United States when the UN seized American property and claimed it asinternational territory.”

The United Nations cannot be trusted.

The leaderless body of global nations has one purpose – to promote radical anti-American agendas to change the human race forever.

Traditionally, the UN meets at their headquarters in NYC. But to free themselvesof prying eyes, they recently held a conference in Salt Lake City instead.

Their meetings were part of a summit to help establish baselines for a new plancalled 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, or Agenda 2030 for short.

Agenda 2030’s stated purpose is to train up the youth of the world in an environment of “inclusivity, climate change, peace, economic opportunity for our youth, and the development of infrastructure and technology.”

Reports are to indoctrinate the younger generations on Agenda 2030 thoroughly, and the UN will rely on a Big Brother total surveillance state to erase human rights as we know them.

Naturally, when concerned citizens in Salt Lake City heard of this, they gathered at the UN’s meeting site.

The only problem was as soon as they showed up, the UN declared the site as international territory and thus could not be trespassed upon.

In a disturbing video, journalists were denied entry by a foreign security guard who said their presence was unwelcome.

Keep in mind, Utah’s legislature footed the $650,000 bill to allow the UN to conduct business in the Beehive State, and the Salt Lake City Council pitched in an additional $100,000.

So by all rights, journalists shouldve had the opportunity to report on what was happening.

However, the UN claimed the use of the facility and their decision to make the area off-limits was within the scope of their charter.

According to multiple press reports, banning journalists isn’t all they did:


The UN says they “took over” the building
The UN stated that the taxpayer-funded Salt Palace was now “International Territory” where US rights don’t apply
The UN stated that the United States was outside the doors of the Salt Palace
The UN, who at best should have been a guest of Salt Lake City, instead acted like an invader and denied a US citizen their 1st Amendment Rights


It’s frightening that a sovereign nation like the United States could have something like this happen.

And worse — it happened with zero comment or action by the supposedly Republican Mitt Romney because he was too busy attacking President Trump.

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Unfortunately, the UN gets away with stuntslike this all the time.

That’s why America needs to pay attention to what’s going on inside our bordersbecause it will be far easier to be taken over from the inside than by a foreign invader on the outside.






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