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Trump Stabbed in the Back By This Group Of Republicans

President Trump’s time in office could best be described as volatile.

And now he’s a man campaigning for re-election while navigating a minefield full of enemies disguised as friends.

The truth is, the Deep State has loaded the departments and agencies in the government with two-faced individuals. But nowhere is that more evident than in Congress where Trump was stabbed in the back by this group of Republicans.

Now that the House of Representatives has moved forward with their impeachment inquiry, it’s quite clear that Trump will be impeached in the House.

However, the Senate is overwhelmingly Republican, so the chances of Trump getting impeached in the Senate is slim to none.

However, there are some Republicans in the Senate who may be reneging on their support for the President.

An article published by The Hill shows there are several Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee who want the whistleblower to testify.

For instance, the Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Richard Burr, told The Hill that he “absolutely” wants to hear from the whistleblower.

If we want to understand fully what happened, then talking to that individual, talking to their lawyers —when they started to guide their interactions, who they interacted with — may be more expansive than what we know,” Burr said.

We don’t know until we talk to the whistleblower.”

While that may seem like a reasonable position to take, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the whistleblower worked with Biden and was in cahoots with Adam Schiff before he leaked his complaint.

But not every Senate Republican needs the whistleblower to continue tattling on Trump.

As The Hill detailed, several Republicans don’t think it’s a good idea for the obviously prejudiced individual to darken the halls of the Senate.

John Cornyn of Texas stated, “I think we’ve moved well beyond that. I mean, what’s the whistleblower going to tell us other than what we already know?

And surprisingly, Marco Rubio said virtually the same thing.

I’m not sure how relevant it remains at this point,” Rubio said.

While there aren’t firm numbers on how many Republicans want to hear what the whistleblower has to say, one has to wonder, do they actually find the whistleblower to be credible?

And if so, are they prepared to vote against a Republican President who’s clearly been under attack since before he took office?

Only time will tell.

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