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Donald Trump’s Re-Election May Be in Grave Danger as the Dead Rise Up in Opposition

In 2016, Donald Trump was laughed at by political pundits and the inside-the-beltway consultants for claiming rampant voter fraud.

Since then we’ve seen cases in Texas, California, and Michigan, with criminal charges being either brought or considered for voter fraud.

But now it’s gotten even worse and Donald Trump’s re-election may be in grave danger as the dead are rising up in opposition in this battleground state.

The dirty little secret of politics is this – voter fraud has existed ever since the Founding Fathers first put pen to paper and created our Republic system of government.

There are some historians who say there was even a case or two of voter fraud during the very contentious debates on passing the Constitution.

And there are hundreds of well-known and well-documented cases of voter fraud throughout American history.

The most famous of which resulted in the election of John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential election, thanks to thousands of votes Kennedy received from dead voters in Chicago.

Union officials and mob bosses scoured Cook County cemeteries and cast votes for the dead throughout the Windy City and surrounding suburbs.

Now, the dead are rising again. This time in an effort to turn the swing state of Virginia from purple to a solid blue and assure Trump’s defeat next year.

Virginia is one of a handful of states that will determine the next President – and Virginia Democrats are keenly aware of

their role in deciding the fate of the nation for decades to come.

Virginia also happens to be one of 5 states that has elections in off years.

And the FBI and Richmond police have started investigating multiple cases of voter fraud where at least 19 deceased Virginia residents were re-registered to vote prior to this year’s off-elections in Virginia.

Included among them was World War II veteran, Mr. Richard Allen Claybrook Sr.

According to a report in The Washington Post (even the Democrat newspaper on the Potomac couldn’t ignore this one):

“One case came to light after relatives of a deceased man received a note congratulating him for registering, Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst said Thursday.

‘His family members were very distraught,’ said Garst, who confirmed the existence of the FBI and police investigation but said she could provide few details because the case is ongoing.

All 19 were initially registered as voters in the Shenandoah Valley city of Harrisonburg, although a clerk double-checking the entries later raised questions about one. She recognized the name of Richard Allen Claybrook Sr., who died in 2014 at age 87, because his son is a well-known local judge. She happened to recall that the judge’s father had died.

“’He was a retired Fairfax County elementary school principal and had fought in World War II,’ said his son, retired Harrisonburg General District Court Judge Richard Allen Claybrook Jr. ‘So our family is very disgusted that they would pick his name, because he was such a law-abiding citizen devoted to public service.’”

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So where did all the dead come from? It turns out they were part of a voter drive by Democrats at James Madison University, although no specific group was recognized.

However, some reports are now saying that authorities have traced all 19 of these cases to one individual, a James Madison University student who will not be named here due to conflicting reports.

Meanwhile, the real questions are left unanswered.

Was this part of a coordinated effort around the Commonwealth?

Was this only a test-run for the upcoming 2020 elections?

And finally, will Virginia Democrats – who ended up taking complete control of the legislature – move to further loosen voter i.d. laws as they’ve threatened to do?

The answers could very well decide who wins the presidency

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