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Cop Tortures Quadruple Amputee Then Arrests the Guy Who Filmed It All

Despite what naysayers claim, making note of police brutality isn’t an attack on law enforcement.

It’s unfortunate that Americans need to “police the police,” but it has to be done so that those with the badges and guns don’t abuse the very people they’ve sworn to protect.

And such was the case in a distressing video that shows a cop torturing a quadruple amputee and then arresting the guy who filmed it all.

The creation of the smartphone and its internal camera has revolutionized how the public interacts with each other – and with the police.

In this case, a deputy was filmed physically restraining and verbally assaulting a 15-year-old amputee in a group home.

The incident occurred in September and was filmed by another 16-year-old living in the group home.

Responding to a call about a non-compliant teenager, the deputy is seen pinning the 15-year-old amputee on the ground with the weight of his body after the teen mouthed off at him.

The amputee, who’d been abandoned by his parents, screams for the deputy to get off.

While the deputy does get off of him, he snarls at the teen and asks what his “problem” is.

The young man says he doesn’t have one and implies he’s simply frustrated this was happening all because he angrily knocked over a trashcan.

That’s when things got worse.

The teen requests that the officer de-escalate the situation and lower his voice, to which the deputy responds with a violent shout, “I will raise my voice whenever the f__k I want!”

Right at that moment, the teen filming the incident asks the deputy to stop hurting the other teenager since he answered his question.

Proving he’s not fit for the job, the deputy fires back, “Shut the hell up! Are you involved in this?”

He then orders the teen to go to his room, but the teen says he cannot leave because he’s not allowed to.

Sensing he’s not in control of the situation, the deputy gets in the videographer’s face and asks him several times, “Am I talking to you?”

The videographer responds that he “doesn’t care” who the deputy is addressing.

At this point, the situation devolves into full-on mayhem and the teen filming passes the camera to someone offscreen.

With the camera still recording, viewers can see two deputies handcuffing the teen and slamming his head into the wall before escorting him outside.

Maddening, isn’t it?

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Two defenseless teenagers being abused by those who are supposed to protect them.

Fortunately, even though they were subjected to that kind of behavior, they were vindicated and all “charges” were dismissed.

Reason.com reported:

Both young men were charged with disorderly conduct. On Thursday, the county attorney’s office informed Feinman that the charges had been dismissed.”

 “’ ‘It’s horrific. Men with badges and guns should not be acting this way,’ Feinman says. He adds that those who do conduct themselves in such a way ‘should not have badges and guns.'”



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