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The Epstein Suicide Investigation Just Got a BIG Boost From Someone In Congress

Although there are some conspiracies floating around that Epstein may still be alive, most everyone believes he is dead.

However, how he passed from this world is still up for debate.

Most people believe he was murdered, and now the Epstein “suicide” investigation just got a big boost from someone in Congress.

A few years ago, before Jeffrey Epstein was indicted on numerous sex-trafficking charges, an ABC investigative team was prepared to launch a massive expose detailing the sexual abuse he had committed against a myriad of young girls.

ABC had all the witnesses in place and multiple sources lined up.

And then ABC execs decided to kill the story.

All of this was revealed when a former ABC employee leaked a “hot mic” video of ABC reporter Amy Robach saying she had the story ready to go when ABC shut it down.

Robach said the following about her interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s most well-known victims and accusers:  “I’ve had the story for three years. I’ve had this interview with her. We would not put it on the air.”

She continued to say there was pressure on all sides not to run the story, and that even the Royal Family “threatened us a million different ways” after learning her team planned to report on the allegations against Prince Andrew.

“We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will that we — that also quashed the story,” Robach said, referring to Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Epstein being “suicided” was already a meta-narrative for what’s wrong with our justice system when the news of ABC shutting down the Epstein expose broke, so this only confirmed what many already suspected – that there was a massive conspiracy to keep what Epstein knew from ever escaping into the ether.

Frustratingly, many people feel this doesn’t mean anyone will be brought to justice for what happened.

But now, enter House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy believes ABC’s decision to kill the story deserves its own investigation and some answers.

That’s why he wrote a letter to ABC – signed by other Republican representatives – demanding they release the names of who terminated the story, and more importantly, why they refused to let Robach run it.

Prior to McCarthy’s letter, ABC had announced that their decision to squash the story was because journalists were not able to corroborate details—even though Robach said they had statements from Virginia Roberts accusing Epstein and Prince Andrew of, “using her as a sex slave and pimping her out to his powerful friend.”

Now, if that’s to be believed, then why did ABC promptly track down the leaker responsible for putting the video into the hands of Project Veritas, the investigative group that broke the story nationally.

The significance of this, as you might suspect, is if people are named, then it could help shed light on how Epstein really died.

And it could implicate dozens of American leaders and world leaders including Prince Andrew (who has taken leave of his duties due to the scandal) and Bill Clinton.



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