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Rand Paul Takes on the Deep State Head On In This Electrifying Speech

During the question segment of the Senate impeachment proceedings Rand Paul was not allowed to ask his one question. 

But that didn’t stop the feisty Kentucky Senator, and once he took to the floor to speak, the sparks flew. 

Because Rand Paul took on the Deep State head on in this electrifying floor speech. 

Rand Paul is known for his unwillingness to back down from a good fight, even if it is his neighbor physically assaulting him. 

And the junior Senator from Kentucky has made it clear how he feels about the Deep State impeachment charade that is costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars while virtually shutting down Congress for months. 

The only good news is during that time Congress hasn’t taken away any more of our Constitutional rights. 

But Rand Paul isn’t laying down.  Not now, not tomorrow, not next week, not ever. 

Specifically, about the so-called “whistleblower” against President Trump. 

Everyone knows his name. Everyone in DC knows his name, political reporters and commentators know his name, every member of Congress knows his name. 

Teenagers on social media know his name, Gen Xers on their flip phones know his name, even school children know his name. 

Eric Ciaramella.  Supposedly if you say his name into a mirror three times FBI agents show up at your door and break it down. 

But that isn’t stopping Rand Paul. 

The Liberty Senator was censored last week by Supreme Court Chief Justice and Senate impeachment Judge John Roberts when he tried to ask a question about the misnamed “whistleblower” who started the entire impeachment circus. 

But Senator Paul was having none of Justice Roberts doing Adam Schiff’s bidding. 

Paul not only held a news conference where he read his question aloud to the media, he also took to the Senate floor on Tuesday to read it again, only this time he went one step further. 

Next to him was a placard placed on an easel, and on that placard was printed the name Eric Ciaramella, as well as Paul’s entire question that he had been censored for last week. 

This, it seems, was Paul’s way of making sure there was both an audible and visual record of the Senate proceedings for posterity. 

When asked to explain his reasoning for taking these measures at the risk of further condemnation from the Deep State, Paul said he just really wanted to get to the heart of how the impeachment effort really began. 

“Everything they did about investigating the president was untrue and abused government to do something they never should have done in the first place,” Paul said. “So I asked this question.” 

And just what was this “damaging” question that Paul wanted answered? 

Here it is in its entirety: 

“Are you aware that the House Intelligence Committee staffer Sean Misko had a close relationship with Eric Ciaramella while at the National Security Council together? Are you aware and how would you respond to reports that Ciaramella and Misko may have worked together to plot impeaching the president before there were formal House impeachment proceedings? 

The problem, according to Schiff, Roberts, the incompetent media and leftist activists, is that his question included the name Eric Ciaramella, who is widely known as the “whistleblower” in the Trump impeachment effort. 

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Of course, to any rational Americans this is a fairly important question. But in the bizzaro, out of touch with reality world that is Washington, DC, Paul’s question was likened to a criminal activity. 

The DC crowd of inside the Beltway consultants, Democrats, and of course the media claimed Paul had, gasp, identified a “whistleblower.” 

Actually, Paul had done nothing of the sort. He merely asked a question in which he named two, not one but two, individual federal employees. 

In his question he never named anybody as a “whistleblower.” Instead he identified one as a staffer of the House Intelligence Committee and the other as a National Security Council staffer. 

Anyone who claims Paul identified a “whistleblower”, is simply a flat-out liar as no one “officially” knows the identity of the “whistleblower.” 

This idiocy is what passes as a normal day in Congress and serves as yet another reminder as to why Donald Trump became president and will most likely be re-elected this November. 



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