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Americans Fearful Coronavirus Could Kill Tens of Thousands, Here’s How to Survive

As Antifa violence keeps spreading around the country, new fears are sweeping the nation.

Coronavirus has arrived in the United States and some medical authorities fear it could be worse than the 1918 flu pandemic.

That’s why Americans are going into hiding as they fear coronavirus and the spread of violence will kill thousands.

It happens every Hurricane season. Fear mongering, stores selling out of the essentials. People fleeing to higher ground.

Then, nothing happens. So the next time they are a little less likely to board up their homes and rush off to stay with those annoying relatives.

Then something like Hurricane Katrina hits and it’s back to taking things seriously.

The fact is, the weather, much like the spread of disease, is not something we can predict for certain.

That’s why the latest outbreak, coronavirus, has Americans fearing the next few months with such dread.

And pictures and videos out of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and other cities with Antifa violence, homelessness and lawlessness are making some cities look more like the post-apocalyptic cities of movies.

So, some Americans are already retreating to their mountain homes, rural retreats and underground bunkers. And truth be told, this reporter may not be far behind.

Here are some important tips to surviving the coming coronavirus/Antifa wave of destruction and the possible martial law that could follow.

Martial law occurs when the military assumes the responsibility of governance.

For example, instead of police officers patrolling your town, you would see soldiers. The rights of citizens are usually limited during martial law. Due process may also be limited or eliminated altogether due to perceived threats to the government.

How you survive will depend on how prepared you are. Below are some general tips for surviving.  These are not all-inclusive nor are they detailed.  For more information do some research before you start preparing.

First and foremost, prepare for civil unrest and possible violence. Think Los Angeles after the Rodney King trials, but more widespread. Pay attention to current events, know or learn to predict when potential threats are coming to the area.


You may know if a hurricane or tornado is coming your way, likewise, you may know if Antifa is headed to your town for a demonstration, or if coronavirus has broken out in your town.

Stock your home with supplies. Before martial law is established and unrest quelled, you may be on your own. Be ready to survive at least 72 hours without help.

Have at least a three day ready supply of canned goods, water, dried food, and of course guns and ammunition.

Protect your home and business. Homes and businesses may be looted. Secure your home and business in advance. Board up windows and barricade doors.

Stay in your home or shelter with your own supplies until help arrives.

Keep everything you can’t live without on you at all times. If you are being moved, or headed to a non-disclosed location of your own, there may be no time to go back for your things. You may want to consider burying a “time capsule” in a waterproof container with valuables and keepsakes in it.

If you are looking for some more extreme measures establish a survival bunker in a hidden location that you can safely stay in for years

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Keep your bunker secret and never carry your phone or GPS enabled device with you when you visit it.

A simple rule of thumb these days is, if it’s electronic and computerized, don’t take it with you, you are being tracked.

Stock your survival bunker with supplies. Everything you would need for several years worth of sustainable if not comfortable living. Obviously food, water, and medicine, but also things like books, games, batteries and of course weapons and ammunition.

Always try and keep a radio on hand to keep track of when martial law has ended.  You need to know when it will be safe to emerge.

Stay in your home or bunker until you are sure it is safe to leave. The hardest part of hiding is the isolation. However, each time you step out of the bunker may risk the fate of your whole family. Someone may see you entering or exiting your bunker.

Finally, have a “go-bag” ready for the day martial law is declared. The “go-bag” should contain all the supplies you need to make it from where you are to where you are headed. It should be light, but fully stocked with necessities.

Will you see martial law in your lifetime? Maybe not. Probably not. But, it pays to be ready, and with politics in America turning more and more to violence, and diseases like coronavirus seemingly becoming more prevalent, it could be time to start making these plans.


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