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Liberal Media, Deep State Desperate to Ramp up Coronavirus Fears to Get Donald Trump

The Deep State failed to impeach the President and is still looking for any means to remove him from office.

They know they can’t beat him in November so they are grasping for any “good crisis” to use against him.

That’s why the liberal media and the Deep State are desperate to ramp up coronavirus fears to “get” Donald Trump.

The coronavirus, admittedly a scary virus, has now turned into a political prop for the Democrats, the Deep State and their PR machine–the media—-to use against Donald Trump.

With the seemingly unstoppable surge of Bernie Sanders and his Socialist army, it was only a matter of time before the anti-Trump left decided to latch on to coronavirus as a way to attack the president.

Unfortunately for the American people, lives may be at risk because of the left’s political theatre over the virus, because pandemics are serious business.

We’ve already seen complaining and hand wringing from Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and DC talking heads because President Trump didn’t ask for enough money to fight the coming apocalypse.

Well, he did ask for a whopping $2.5 billion but the liberal anti-science fanatics said it should be $8.5 billion. Of course, that $8.5 billion would include “vital” programs to fight coronavirus.  You know, like money to study the mating habits of a snail darter, and millions to provide drag queen storytimes to rural America.

Politicians who are using this potential medical crisis for their own political advantage are disgusting, vile, ignorant hypocrites.

And the simple fact is the Deep State and their allies the Democrats, the media and Never Trump, don’t want Trump to handle the coronavirus outbreak successfully.

These evil people are happily willing to let people die, just as long as the president doesn’t look good.

The left has also taken to the airwaves to complain and scream about the fact that President Trump hasn’t already declared martial law and declared a national emergency.

While every reasonable and effective effort should be made to prepare for a possible coronavirus outbreak, causing a public panic is not part of the president’s job. Nor should it be.

Already we have seen the stock market have its worst one-day point drop in history, falling nearly 1,200 points as worries about the coronavirus epidemic escalate.

And because of the potential of an outbreak companies are canceling business travel and corporate events around the world and making plans for more employees to work remotely.

The airline industry fears the coming pandemic could cost their industry as much as $100 billion.

This is only likely to get worse as the CDC just confirmed a coronavirus infection in California of an individual who reportedly did not have any travel history or exposure to another known patient. This could be the first instance of community spread—the spread of an illness for which the source of the infection is unknown—in the US. It is also possible, however, that the patient was exposed to a returned traveler who was infected.

Churches are even now discussing ways to handle communion and worship service crowds in light of both the coronavirus and the flu.

And the US and South Korea have postponed joint military exercises as South Korea struggles to contain the virus.

As of last week, more than 83,700 people worldwide have contracted the coronavirus, with more than 2,850 deaths.

And while those are troublesome numbers that should be taken seriously, Americans and American political leaders seem more than happy to ignore the flu epidemic currently running wild across the country.

The CDC estimates that so far this season at least 29 million Americans have contracted the flu, with 280,000 hospitalizations and more than 16,000 deaths. That’s just in this country.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Deep State operatives complain that Trump is not doing enough to combat a virus that, as of yet, hasn’t spread in the US.

So instead of handling the fire that is already burning, the government is fretting over the fire that may start soon.

Of course, that is how our federal government works, so it’s really no surprise.

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