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Trump-Hating Bloomberg News is Biggest Hypocrite of All ‘News’

You can’t turn on any so-called “mainstream media” network anymore without being slapped in the face with their blatant ties to the deep state.

CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times are among the guiltiest of being an anti-President Trump propaganda machine.

But now there’s proof that Trump-hating Bloomberg News might be the most hypocritical of them all.

You see this all the time in Hollywood—celebrities will star in a movie containing extreme gun violence, then stand on their pedestals and demand gun confiscation.

The Hollywood elites preach equality in the workplace but are notorious for underpaying female actresses and underrepresenting minorities in their projects.

And of course, the serial sexual abuse in the industry is now widely known.

How many of these “morally upright” actors and producers were then exposed in the infamous #MeToo movement that swept through our country in late 2017?

Not surprisingly, this hypocrisy happens in the media too.

And Bloomberg News, owned by former anti-gun presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, might just be the guiltiest of all.

Far-left news institution NPR recently reported, “Six years ago, Bloomberg News killed an investigation into the wealth of Communist Party elites in China, fearful of repercussions by the Chinese government. The company successfully silenced the reporters involved. And it sought to keep the spouse of one of the reporters quiet, too.”

NPR is referring to journalist Mike Forsythe, a former Beijing correspondent for Bloomberg News, and his wife, journalist and author Leta Hong Fincher.

At the time, Forsythe was behind an investigation into wealth accumulation by China’s ruling class.

A Chinese ambassador had gotten wind of the damaging story and threatened Bloomberg News not to publish it.

While they did publish one article, the important follow-up piece about China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, was canned.

According to NPR, the reasons were revealed in an October 2013 conference call led by Bloomberg’s then-editor-in-chief and co-founder, Matthew Winkler.

“It is for sure going to, you know, invite the Communist Party to, you know, completely shut us down and kick us out of the country. So, I just don’t see that as a story that is justified,” Winkler said in the audio recording.

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Apparently, Winkler further perpetuated the fear of the totalitarian People’s Republic of China saying, “The inference is going to be interpreted by the government there as we are judging them. And they will probably kick us out of the country. They’ll probably shut us down, is my guess.”

And when Winkler was petitioned to have a more diplomatic way of covering the story, he further cautioned the idea.

“It has to be done with a strategic framework and a tactical method that is… smart enough to allow us to continue and not run afoul of the Nazis who are in front of us and behind us everywhere. And that’s who they are. And we should have no illusions about it.”

Keep in mind this is the same media that says referring to Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus” is racist—and now we understand why.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, right?

The hypocrisy is thick, but do you really think they realize that?

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