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Child Pornography Not Prosecuted Against Employees at this Federal Agency

Almost all Americans agree that child pornography is pure evil incarnate and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Most also agree that federal employees shouldn’t be downloading any kind of pornography onto government-owned computers – and on the taxpayer’s dime.

But shockingly, child pornography is apparently not prosecuted against employees at this federal agency.

There is very little the government does that a private company couldn’t do better.

However, one exception would be in the investigation, arrest, and conviction of child pornographers and pedophiles.

As the Justice Department’s own website states:

“[V]ictims of child pornography suffer not just from the sexual abuse inflicted upon them to produce child pornography, but also from knowing that their images can be traded and viewed by others worldwide. Once an image is on the Internet, it is irretrievable and can continue to circulate forever. The permanent record of a child´s sexual abuse can alter his or her life forever. Many victims of child pornography suffer from feelings of helplessness, fear, humiliation, and lack of control given that their images are available for others to view in perpetuity.”

Child pornography is linked to kidnapping, human trafficking, and sex slavery. It’s evil and should be wiped from the earth.

But it turns out, the FBI will not prosecute one of its own agents who “knowingly possessed child pornography.”

In fact, it turns out the Department of Justice has a long-standing policy of offering near immunity to its employees, including those in the FBI, for crimes that most citizens would be charged.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything else – the Deep State knows how to keep its secrets.

For example, we don’t know how many disgusting illegal photos or videos he or she possessed. We don’t know how many children were exploited for the sexual gratification of this FBI agent.

We don’t even know the perpetrator’s name, or whether or not they’ve worked on cases involving child pornography.

Did this person sandbag cases involving child pornographers so his/her supply of images would continue?

The Justice Department is protecting the supervisory analyst from shame. There won’t be a “perp walk,” no time in jail, no going before a judge and jury.

And they won’t have to register as a sex offender.

There could be children near this person’s house and parents won’t have a clue that their kids are in danger of a child predator.

Child pornographers only profit when they have customers. It’s the seedy dark side of a free market. Without clicks and downloads, there is no profit.

Under federal law, each downloaded image of a child engaged in sexual behavior can put someone away for 10 to 20 years.

That is unless the offender is an FBI agent, then it’s ok.

According to a story from investigative journalist Eric Felten, the Justice Department’s inspector general issued 27 reports of alleged wrongdoing by officials and employees in just one year –crimes like bribery, document tampering, mortgage fraud, lying to FBI agents, sexual assault, and yes, child pornography.

According to Felten:

“In at least a dozen of those cases the inspector general determined that the wrongdoing was serious enough to be criminal. Even so, the Department of Justice declined to bring criminal charges.”

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