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Cavalry Called in By Flynn Case Judge in Last Ditch Effort to Save Mueller Case

Former Judge John Gleeson first gained fame and notoriety by prosecuting the “Teflon Don” John Gotti.

He then served as a federal judge after being appointed by Bill Clinton.

Now, this former judge has been tapped by presiding Judge Emmet Sullivan to try and save the case against General Flynn.

It’s a move most legal experts say is unprecedented.

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, the judge presiding over the prosecution of retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, has appointed retired federal Judge John Gleeson to argue against the Department of Justice’s motion to dismiss General Flynn’s case.

But what’s more troubling is the personal connections Gleeson has to the team prosecuting Flynn.

These connections go back nearly three decades.

Retired Judge John Gleeson made his name by successfully prosecuting mobster boss, John Gotti, known as “Teflon Don.”

Of course, what many forget about the case was the unusually lenient deal he made with Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, the Brooklyn mobster who was a star witness in the Gotti case.

Gravano admitted to participating in 19 murders, but was sentenced to only five years in prison after Judge Gleeson argued he had “rendered extraordinary, unprecedented, historic assistance to the government.”

Now Gleeson finds himself mixed up in another controversial case involving President Trump, General Flynn, and a cast of characters from the DOJ.

But Gleeson knows controversy.

Judge Gleeson has commented in the past on the power of prosecutors and courts to determine the course of prosecution – a topic relevant to the Flynn case.

Gleeson had already entered the Flynn fray when he and two former Justice Department officials wrote in the Washington Post that one of the steps Judge Sullivan could take would be to “appoint an independent attorney to act as a ‘friend of the court,’ ensuring a full, adversarial inquiry.

Now Sullivan has appointed Gleeson to write an argument against the DOJ’s effort to end the prosecution and try to force Flynn to face perjury charges.

Of course, none of this comes as any surprise to us here at Deep State Journal.

Gleeson once served as chief of the organized crime section of Brooklyn’s U.S. Attorney’s Office and then chief of its criminal division.

It was during this time he became close with colleague Andrew Weissmann.

This is the same Weissmann who went on to become the top deputy to special counsel Robert Mueller and was in charge of prosecuting Flynn.

Gleeson and Weissmann remain close friends to this day, according to a person who knows the men.

In fact not only are they friends, Judge Gleeson and Andrew Weissmann share the same politics. They taught classes together at a couple of different New York law schools.

Gleeson is considered by most to be Weissmann’s mentor.

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While Gleeson was head of the criminal division in the Brooklyn prosecutors office, Weissmann was his protégé.

It is also important to note that former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Marshall Miller – one of the co-authors of the Washington Post Op-Ed with Gleeson – also worked in the same office at that time.

The ties between Lynch, Gleeson, and Weissmann go back nearly thirty years. And it was Lynch who brought Weissmann back to the DOJ in Washington, DC after he had served as general counsel of the FBI under Mueller.

But the conspiracy doesn’t stop there.

Greg Andres, who worked for Weissmann on the Mueller investigation, was also deputy to Lanny Breuer, who is an attorney at Covington & Burling.

Covington & Burling is home to Eric Holder, Obama’s first attorney general and “wingman.”

It is curious that it was this law firm – led by former Obama administration officials – that represented Flynn and walked him into a plea deal in the first place.

The credible speculation coming from former DOJ prosecutors is that Gleeson has been brought in to do Weissmann’s bidding in a misguided effort to save his case against Flynn.

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