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President Obama’s Deep State Media was Just Exposed by Ignoring This Huge Story

It’s incredible to think how the liberal mainstream media has lost all credibility in just a few short years.

Countless lies, repeated lying by omission, the demonization of perceived “enemies,” ad hominem attacks, patronizing Americans, condescension, hyperbole, and manipulation are only a few things our once-coveted news institution has been guilty of over the last several years.

And deep state media was just exposed by ignoring this huge story that got virtually zero coverage.

Howard Stern is hailed as the ‘king of radio’ and his huge salary certainly affirms that sentiment.

Stern is filthy rich – it’s incredible how he made so much money for just talking nonsense for a few hours a day.

He’s mentioned on his show several times that his friendship with President Trump spans over decades, in fact, Trump consistently appeared on Stern’s show over the years.

So it was certainly a surprise to hear the Sirius-XM radio host talk about his so-called “friend’ with such disdain.

Stern recently called Trump’s supporters “dumb @$%# %[email protected]#$” – adding a lot of curse words to describe them.

You probably have a pretty good idea of what he said.

And in the last few months, Stern has particularly launched an all-out assault against the Trump administration.

But that all blew up in his face after a video clip emerged of him in blackface and repeatedly using the ‘N’-word.

You might have already seen the video on social media.

The clip is a comedic sketch mocking Ted Danson’s infamous blackface performance with his then-girlfriend, Whoopi Goldberg, and was part of Stern’s Pay-Per-View “New Year’s Rotten Eve Pageant.”

The hilarious kicker is Stern denied doing the above skit to Whoopi Goldberg – who knew of this exact video – cutting her off in the process.

Stern replied after Goldberg called him out: “Whoopi, hold on, no. We had a guy on from the Ku Klux Klan who very freely used the n-word, and my belief was hey, say it out in the open, I didn’t use the n-word. Let’s be very clear.”

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But where is the liberal mainstream media reporting on this? Crickets.

Do we really need any more proof that the media is complicit in helping liberal elitists escape scrutiny?

Take journalist Ronan Farrow who won a Pulitzer Prize for exposing Harvey Weinstein, subsequently launching the nationwide #MeToo movement.

He recently published an expose on how ABC went to extreme lengths to bury his reporting on both Weinstein and disgraced journalist Matt Lauer.

The liberal media only protects liberals. That’s how it works and that’s what former President Barack Obama intended when he took it over.

At least Howard Stern is now the butt of his own joke.

His perpetuation of liberal propaganda during President Trump’s administration turned into a boomerang of political correctness that smacked him right in the face.

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