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CNN Just Got Caught Red-Handed Being President Obama’s Biggest Deep State Ally

Most days it seems like former President Obama’s Deep State circus is on a merry-go-round, taking turns fighting against President Trump and the American people.

This is especially true for the media. Institutions like The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, and of course CNN, pass the fake news baton to each other over and over again.

And CNN was just caught red-handed being Obama’s biggest Deep State ally.

If you were to make a list of all the fake news that’s been spread in America, it would be longer than Santa Clause’s “naughty or nice” list, and would include some of the most well-known names in the industry.

Once proud, independent news organizations have become nothing more than paid lapdogs for the left and the Democrats.

You have to take everything these news organizations perpetuate with a grain of salt because there’s always an agenda.

Former President Obama set up a shadow government to combat President Trump and enlisted all the major news institutions to join him in his pathetic pursuit.

CNN has always been Obama’s biggest defender and that was magnified when President Trump took office.

Hopefully, like most Americans, you don’t watch CNN, but if you do, it’s easy to see how one-sided the 24-hour network is.

But one of the most blatant examples of their bias occurred last weekend when President Trump traveled to Mount Rushmore to give a 4th of July speech.

In the lead up to Trump’s speech, CNN described Mount Rushmore as a “monument of two slave owners” and another “[who] wrestled land away from Native Americans.”

CNN was of course talking about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington as the slave owners, and Theodore Roosevelt as the one who took land from Native Americans.

This was quite a violent shift in tone compared to when Obama visited Mt. Rushmore on the campaign trail in 2008.

In 2008, CNN anchor Ron Marciano said, “Barack Obama is campaigning in South Dakota. That state’s primary is Tuesday. Obama arrived there late last night and got a good look around Mt. Rushmore — it’s quite a sight if you haven’t seen it.”

Fellow anchor Betty Nguyen added, “Barack Obama is in South Dakota today. He arrived there last night. Take a look at this. He got a good glimpse of the majestic Mount Rushmore. Well, South Dakota and Montana have closed out the primary season on Tuesday.”

This same nonsense also happened in 2016 – both CNN and Bernie Sanders praised the monument then.

But last Friday, CNN Senior White House Correspondent Joe Johns said, “[A]t a time of racial unease, when protesters are tearing down statues of slaveholders and calling for the names of Confederate generals to be removed from army bases, the Rushmore event is a reminder that Trump is fighting to preserve these relics of heritage and history that some see as symbols of oppression. And to indigenous people, Mt. Rushmore, with four white presidents, two of whom were slave owners, is one of those symbols.”

As the media turns further and further to the left, and the Deep State fights harder to regain control, expect the double-standards to get even more obvious.

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