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Millions of Americans Are Now Terrified to Share Political Views Because of This

Every single presidential election seems like it’s the most important one of our lifetimes, but in less than one hundred days that might actually be the case.

The demonization of President Trump and his supporters from leftists, socialists and “Never Trump” pretend Republicans is incredibly toxic to American politics.

It’s no surprise then that millions of Americans are now terrified to share their political views because of this.

Conservative stand-up comedian and actor, Tim Allen, appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!” post-inauguration in 2017 and bluntly spoke the truth about how any right-leaning thinkers are demonized and attacked in Hollywood.

When Kimmel asked about attending President Trump’s inauguration, Allen responded: “I was invited, we did a VIP thing for the vets, and went to a Veterans Ball, so I went to go see Democrats and Republicans. Yeah I went to the inauguration.”

Kimmel retorted, “I’m not attacking you!” but we all know that’s nonsense. Of course, Jimmy Kimmel attacks conservatives all the time on his show and it was no different this time.

And then, Allen revealed in that moment something even more frightening; “You gotta be real careful around here, you know. You’ll get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes. It’s like ’30s Germany.”

This is unfortunately very true but it’s not just in Hollywood.

The “defensive” position Allen had in 2017 now exists all over America. Conservatives feel like they’re going to get tarred and feathered for revealing that they’re supporters of President Trump, support the Constitution, are pro-life, or oppose the Deep State coup attempts.

And this defensive position conservatives are literally required to take was just made clear in a new poll commissioned by the libertarian Cato Institute which revealed that two-thirds of Americans are afraid to share their political views.

Let that sink in a minute.

According to the poll, 62% of Americans — and 77% of Republicans — are afraid to share their true feelings on politics. Even a majority of Democrats (52%) report that they are afraid to share their views.

The only group that is unafraid to speak about their politics are “staunch liberals,” which, of course, is totally on-brand for them.

The Cato Institute’s Emily Ekins wrote, “Strong liberals stand out, however, as the only political group who feel they can express themselves. Nearly 6 in 10 (58%) of staunch liberals feel they can say what they believe. However, centrist liberals feel differently. A slim majority (52%) of liberals feel they have to self‐censor, as do 64% of moderates, and 77% of conservatives. This demonstrates that political expression is an issue that divides the Democratic coalition between centrist Democrats and their left flank.”

This is a dangerous precedent that is being set against freedom of speech in America.

We now have a large percentage of people who are terrified to share their honest views for fear of being perceived as a villain, attacked on social media, “doxed”, and physically attacked.

This isn’t what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the United States Constitution, it truly is more like Nazi Germany.

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Almost every day there is another case of a Trump supporter being attacked, abused and even murdered, all for supporting the elected President of our United States.

Ekins added, “What’s changed? In 2017 most centrist liberals felt confident (54%) they could express their views. However today, slightly less than half (48%) feel the same. The share who feel they cannot be open increased 7 points from 45% in 2017 to 52% today. In fact, there have been shifts across the board, where more people among all political groups feel they are walking on eggshells.”

But these are the liberal statistics. Liberals love to pat each other on the back about their politics, but conservative thinkers figure it’s best to keep it to themselves.

Ekins concluded, “Nearly a third (32%) of employed Americans say they personally are worried about missing out on career opportunities or losing their job if their political opinions became known.”

As rioting and death and destruction continue around the nation, and attacks on anyone not agreeing with the radical socialist vision growing more violent, one wonders when politicians of either party will decide to act.

If not soon, it may just be too late for our once great Republic.

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