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Communist Chinese-Backed Hackers Just Targeted This Company Working on a COVID-19 Vaccine

As the medical industry scrambles to see who can come up with the first vaccine for the Chinese-released coronavirus, it was only a matter of time before the hacks started.

Last week, Russian hackers tried to launch a cyber-attack on research facilities working on a possible vaccine.

And now Communist China-backed hackers have targeted this company working on a vaccine for the virus.

Remember the saying “there is no cure for the common cold?”

That’s because in large part it’s a virus. Though thousands of researchers have tried, for almost as many years, to come up with a magic pill or shot to cure, or prevent the cold, it has yet to happen.

But now, those days might be coming to an end, unless China has its way, that is.

As researchers, healthcare firms, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and even billionaire Bill Gates work to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, many are saying such a vaccine could have wider implications, including leading to the cure for the cold, certain flus, and other viruses.

But enter the Communist Chinese.
They have no interest in such advances, in large part because they are fearful research into the virus will prove once and for all that it was in fact developed in China, in a laboratory.
And that it was released on purpose, as many have said.

So it came as no surprise to us here at Deep State Journal when news began coming out of Chinese-backed cyber terrorists working to muck up the works.

And Chinese government-linked hackers have targeted U.S. biotech company Moderna Inc., a leading coronavirus vaccine research developer.

According to a U.S. security official tracking Chinese hacking activity, the attempt to steal and disrupt data started earlier this year.
Then, last week, the U.S. Department of Justice made public an indictment of two Chinese nationals accused of spying on the United States.

The espionage activities included actions against three unnamed U.S.-based targets involved in ongoing medical research to fight the Chinese released COVID-19 virus.

The DOJ indictment states the Chinese hackers “conducted reconnaissance” against the computer network of a Massachusetts biotech firm known to be working on a coronavirus vaccine.

Moderna, which is based in Massachusetts and announced its COVID-19 vaccine work in January, confirmed to Reuters that the company had been in contact with the FBI and was made aware of the suspected “information reconnaissance activities” by the hacking group.

“Moderna remains highly vigilant to potential cybersecurity threats, maintaining an internal team, external support services and good working relationships with outside authorities to continuously assess threats and protect our valuable information,” spokesman Ray Jordan said.

Meanwhile the U.S. security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not provide any further details. The FBI and the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services declined any further details as well.
This is no small matter.

Moderna’s vaccine work is one of President Trump’s earliest and biggest bets to fight the disease. In fact, the federal government is supporting development of the company’s vaccine with nearly half a billion taxpayer dollars and is helping Moderna launch a clinical trial beginning this month.

China, of course, is also working at breakneck speed to develop their own vaccine.
The Communist Chinese regime would like nothing better than to have a monopoly on a vaccine of a disease they spread.

Prosecutors said Li Xiaoyu and Dong Jiazhi acted as contractors for China’s Ministry of State Security, a state intelligence agency.
The Chinese Embassy in Washington referred all inquiries to a recent Chinese Foreign Ministry release that said:

“China has long been a major victim of cyber thefts and attacks, and its officials ‘firmly oppose and fight’ such activities.”

The Chinese government has consistently denied any role in hacking incidents across the globe.

As the race for the vaccine enters the homestretch, watch for more cyber attacks on American companies by Chinese Communist spies.

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