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Virginia’s Racist Democrat Governor Announces New Phone App to Track COVID

The mass hysteria over the Chinese spread Coronavirus has taken the nation by storm.
Not content with forced shutdowns, lost jobs, mask mandates, and “social distancing” requirements, some political tyrants are going farther.

Now, Virginia’s racist Democrat Governor has decided to use a phone app to track those with COVID – and even those who might get it!

Governor Ralph Northam, known for his racist photos and totalitarian reign as Governor, has been going all out to make sure Virginia outpaces New Jersey, New York, and California as the most liberal state in the nation.

And he’s using the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic to accomplish his socialist goals.
Small businesses around the Commonwealth have been forced to shut down, stay at home orders are still in effect, masks are mandatory, churches remain closed, “elective” surgeries and medical procedures are still canceled – but of course abortions are still legal.

Northam’s even called a special session of the Virginia legislature to increase taxes, impose more gun bans, and put the mask mandates into law. And those are just the items being discussed publicly.

The racist Governor has taken to holding a weekly news conference announcing new crackdowns, drinking bans, more business closures, and to ostensibly update Virginians on COVID.

At Governor Northam’s press conference earlier last week, he took it even further and announced a new phone app that will “help” with tracking COVID cases.

This new app will provide alerts when the owner of the phone has been in the proximity of someone with the virus. Virginia is the first state to offer this tracking technology.

The app will supposedly not trace locations or have access to any other data on a phone. Northam claims it uses ‘old school’ Bluetooth technology.

Here is the way it supposedly will work:
The app will give people notice if they’ve been in the proximity of someone who’s had COVID.

After receiving such an alert, individuals will be tested for the virus and quarantined.
If someone tests positive, the state will be informed and the app will be updated to reflect that.

The claim is the phone will not be traced. But the Governor’s explanation left many scratching their heads in confusion.

As one opponent of the new technology said, “It sounds very much to me like background checks for gun purchases. They claim there is no database, but how do they do checks if there is no database?”

How exactly will this new COVID app track people without actually tracking their phones?
And what exactly is the state prepared to do if someone with COVID leaves their quarantine quarters?

These are all valid and concerning questions left unanswered by Virginia’s tyrannical Governor.

And as concerning as this is, the fact that it’s being developed in concert with both Google and Apple has privacy advocates seething.
Both companies are well-known for their data mining and sharing customer data with state and federal law enforcement – and even foreign governments.

For now, this new app is voluntary, but given Northam’s past actions, it may not be long until Virginia becomes the first state to mandate tracking via this technology.

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