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ChiComm Officials Hid Coronavirus From the World According to This New Report

The Communist Chinese have made no secret of their goal for complete world domination.
And they have shown they will use almost any means necessary to achieve that goal even if it means mass murder.

Now according to a shocking report, ChiComm officials hid the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus from the world.

The very fabric of American life has been changed because of the Chinese coronavirus and the resulting closures, lockdowns, and mask mandates.

Sadly, many Americans have lost their businesses, their homes, and their version of the American dream.

The left, of course, is using this crisis to shut down family-owned and small businesses to put in place draconian anti-freedom programs to help usher in a new era of socialism.

All the while, we here at Deep State Journal have been reporting on the Chinese origins of this virus and on the Communist Chinese attempts to spread the virus without being caught.

At first, the “experts” and liberal talking heads called us crazy to even acknowledge that the virus was Chinese in origin.

They called President Trump racist for even suggesting such a thing.

Then, when the socialists had to admit the virus originated from the Wuhan Province of China, they said we were “conspiracy nuts” for wondering if it may have been created in a laboratory there.

No, the experts said, it originated in a “wet market” where someone ate an infected bat and then spread the disease.

But by that point, the Communist Chinese began claiming it was an “American virus” sent over to Wuhan to make it look like it was the Chinese.

Meanwhile, it turns out China was employing an ongoing and detailed misinformation campaign to cover up their complicity in the virus’ spread.

While a number of publications and scientists tried to explain that the spread of the Chinese COVID-19 virus was made far worse because of China’s actions (or inaction), the media and the left still said we were crazy.

But now, as we predicted would happen, a detailed internal report compiled from the various U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, reports that Wuhan and Hubei Province Communist officials kept world leaders in the dark about the virus for weeks.
These Communist leaders attempted to cover up the virus from central Chinese officials in Beijing over fear of retaliation, according to American intelligence officials.
Obviously, this latest report has not received wide coverage in the mainstream media because it supports the Trump administration’s assertions that China hid the outbreak from the rest of the world.
President Trump himself said China’s “secrecy, deceptions and cover-up” caused the world-wide pandemic.
This report shows that he, and many of us, were very likely right all along.
It shows that the Communist Chinese government and President Xi Jinping knew about the virus and clearly took actions to hide both its origins and its effects.
How many Americans – and others around the world – are now dead or have lost their livelihoods because of the Communist Chinese deception and inaction?

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