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Donald Trump Target of Hit Piece That Even the Editor Admits Might Be False

The biased liberal media has turned journalism into a sick joke and it’s no wonder Americans don’t trust the media for facts any longer.

Nowhere is this more evident than in their endless barrage of misinformation, made-up stories and even outright lies about President Trump.

And just this week, Donald Trump was the target of a hit piece based on “anonymous sources” that even the editor of the magazine admits might be false.

President Donald Trump often derides the media as “fake news,” and with good reason.

Over the past few decades, the media has changed from a fair (if biased) independent source of factual news, to a left-wing mob of Democrat partisans acting as the P.R. team for the left.

They don’t even pretend anymore.

That is why Americans’ views of the media’s credibility have hit a new low in 2020 as more and more Americans turn off and tune out the mainstream liberal media and get their news from truly independent sources, mainly online.

The share of U.S. adults who said nine leading media outlets (including CNN, MSNBC, CBS and The New York Times) were credible has dropped roughly 9 percent since December 2016.

This drop from 60.6 percent to 51.2 percent today, is one of the largest drops in history for trust in the media. Put another way, almost half of the U.S. population simply doesn’t trust the media to tell the truth.

And the recent Trump hit piece in The Atlantic proves why the distrust has been earned.

The media spent much of last week making a huge deal about a story given to them by anonymous sources.

The Atlantic, as it turns out, literally slandered President Trump, by quoting four anonymous sources who said he had horribly insulted fallen U.S. soldiers and refused to visit their graves.

Many objective observers saw this as simply one more unsubstantiated hit piece on the President.

And shortly after the piece ran, 21 people who were with the President went on the record to say the story was completely made up, and 100% false.

They pointed out the trip to honor fallen soldiers was canceled due to weather.

In fact, even former Ambassador John Bolton, certainly no Trump defender, came out to say the story was bogus.

But of course, that didn’t stop the mainstream liberal media from reporting the story as fact.

The fake story led all of the news cycles for days, well, at least until the next hit piece came out against Trump.

Only now, after the brouhaha over the piece has past, has the editor of The Atlantic made a big, if not unsurprising, admission about the story.

Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg admitted that the White House’s account that bad weather was the reason President Trump’s trip to a cemetery of fallen World War I soldiers in France in 2018 was changed was actually accurate.

“I’m sure all of those things are true,” Goldberg told CNN in an interview when asked to respond to evidence a story he published saying otherwise is false.

The Atlantic story also claimed that Trump insulted fallen soldiers, calling them “losers” and “suckers.”

The liberal media was of course willing to believe it, despite the fact there was no evidence or proof of any such thing ever happening.

That is how far the media has fallen.

And while they’ve been liberal and biased for decades, Trump has pushed them over the edge.

A total of 21 people, most of whom were there, have stated flatly that The Atlantic story was false. They said Trump never

once insulted our brave soldiers and that the trip was canceled solely due to bad weather.

Yet the media continued to push the story, even using the image of a wounded veteran to slander the President. A veteran who has since come out and demanded they stop using his image for this purpose.

And now, The Atlantic’s Goldberg has been forced to admit that the article was likely not true at all.

No wonder no one trusts the mainstream liberal media.

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